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As the adage goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and that is certainly true when it comes to pregnancy. Prevention comes in many shapes and sizes and the best way around it is to drink plenty of fluids, eat healthy and live a well balanced healthy lifestyle.

In the current times, many more women are becoming concerned about what would be the best way to optimize pregnancy wellbeing and to incorporate the olden way of living, which is being pregnant the holistic way.

Right from consuming raw vinegar to relieve colic to drinking spiced beverages to ease nausea, the holistic way of living is becoming vogue with modern mothers. Opening up grandma’s treasure of practical home remedies, pregnancy is as easy as A-B-C. Taking the most challenging complaints of pregnancy into consideration here are the remedies to make your pregnancy a smooth sailing experience.


Known also as the morning sickness, it can strike at any time of the day. Morning sickness is a condition that has a combination symptom of nausea and vomiting. Although these symptoms go away after the first trimester, there have been cases where this symptoms continues well into pregnancy.

Certain other conditions that trigger morning sickness are low blood sugar, low blood pressure, iron deficiency and excessive amounts of grease and spice. However, excessive vomiting requires immediate medical attention.

Ways To Beat Nausea

  • When getting out of bed, take your time and get out of bed slowly
  • Reduce the consumption of fried and spicy foods when you suffer from nausea
  • Increase the consumption of iron in your diet
  • Drink fennel seed tea to ward off the nauseous sensation

To make the fennel seed tea, you will need:

  • 2 tsp fennel seed
  • 1 tsp fenugreek
  • 1 small pot of hot boiling water

Steep the ingredients until water has become lukewarm. Drink while still warm. You may consume as many cups as you require but drink slowly.

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Heartburn occurs due to numerous reasons and this condition can take place throughout pregnancy.

Ways To Beat Heartburn

  • Eat smaller meals to avoid over-congestion
  • Eat lots of yogurt if you suffer from heartburn
  • Avoid greasy and spicy foods as this will aggravate heartburn. Choose clear soups and salads as food alternatives until you are able to consume regular food
  • Have a glass of warm milk with honey to avoid heartburn

To make milk with honey, you will need:

  • 3 pods of cardamom (which aids with digestion)
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 cup of fresh cow’s milk (or milk substitute for those who are lactose intolerant)

Heat milk in pan with cardamom pods. When hot, stir in honey and drink while still warm. The best time to drink this concoction is at night time, which will help with a good night’s rest.

Fainting and Dizziness

Although fainting is common during pregnancy, it is surely a condition that you want to avoid, as you may injure yourself and baby should you fall. If dizziness and fainting is a condition common to you during pregnancy, always take precautionary measures to avoid any other complications that may follow from them.

Way To Beat Fainting and Dizziness

  • Avoid standing for long periods of time
  • While standing, practice contracting your muscles in your legs and buttocks to stimulate blood to your head
  • Brush your skin daily to promote blood circulation throughout your body
  • Always keep cool during hot weather

To brush your skin, use a long handle body brush (soft bristle) to brush your entire body before having a shower in the morning. During pregnancy, keep to body brushing only once a day, as over stimulation may not be a good idea during this time. Always brush your skin with gentle long strokes towards your heart. You could get help from family and friends for your back. But make sure you cover your entire body.


Many women suffer constipation during this time and can cause them to be very moody throughout pregnancy. There are many reasons why constipation is common during this time. One of it is due to the iron tablets or other medication that is consumed to make pregnancy easier.

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Ways To Beat Constipation

  • Incorporate lots of green leafy vegetables in your daily diet
  • Drink plenty of fluids and juices to ease the bowels
  • Have at least 5 different fruits and vegetables a day

Leg Cramps & Swollen Feet

A common occurrence during pregnancy, leg cramps and swollen feet are usually caused by the weight that is being carried, circulation changes and in some instances, due to calcium deficiency. Due to the weight gained during this period, your center of gravity is altered and this increases the pressure on the knees, ankles and feet.

You may also suffer from water retention and find that your ankles and feet swell. Sore and swollen feet often accompany exhaustion and emotional vulnerability.

Ways To Beat Leg Cramps

  • Incorporate regular exercise to promote proper circulation
  • Consume adequate calcium
  • Massage legs without too much pressure on the meridian points. Use massage oil to help you.


Backaches can be particularly annoying and are caused by many factors like poor posture, inappropriate lifting techniques and inadequate exercise.

Ways To Overcome Backaches

  • Use proper lifting techniques
  • Massage
  • Practice yoga
  • Swim
  • Stretch daily
  • Rest with pillows supporting back and legs

Coughs and Colds

During pregnancy, factors like the common cold are a regular occurrence. Prevention is key during this time. Eat well and get plenty of rest and exercise. Also avoid people with contagious flus.

To make herbal concoction for colds, you will need:

  • 4 cloves
  • 1 tsp coriander seeds
  • 1 pint water
  • 1 slice of lemon
  • 1 tbsp honey

Add the spices to the water and bring to the boil. Simmer for 20 minutes and then add lemon slices and simmer for a further 5 minutes. Strain and sweeten with honey. Drink a hot cup every 3 hours.

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Skin Changes

Skin changes vary from type to type. Some can be pleasant while others may not be. Most of these changes however will go away after the birth of baby. Here are some ideas for the not so pleasant skin changes that pregnancy can bring.


  • Use sunblock when in the sun
  • Never bleach your skin
  • Eat foods rich in folic acid


  • Change laundry detergents to a dye free and a perfume free brand
  • Wear cotton clothes
  • Bathe with oatmeal to soothe the itch


  • Avoid oils
  • Keep face moisturized with cream
  • Move hair away from the face so that hair does not stimulate the oil glands in the face
  • Wash face and hands frequently

Stretch Marks

Your best defense is healthy skin and good genetics behind you. These marks will fade after birth.

To make herbal concoction for stretch marks, you will need:

  • 150 ml dark glass bottle
  • 50 ml wheatgerm oil
  • 50 ml almond oil
  • 50 ml vitamin E oil

Fill the bottle with all the oils and store in a cool dark place. Massage daily after bath.


Insomnia can be caused by a lot of factors: restlessness, worry, over-stimulation and discomfort.

Ways to beat insomnia

  • Avoid stimulants like coffee
  • Eat about 5 hours earlier before bedtime
  • Drink chamomile tea before going to bed
  • Practice meditation
  • Practice deep breathing techniques
  • Ventilate your room well with pure clean air

There are a variety of remedies available in the market today to help ease the complaints of pregnancy. It is advisable to keep it simple and 100% organic so that it is safe for baby and you. Make it your venture to seek and find information about the products that you are using and applying on yourself. Always keep a tab on labels to find out whether it is safe for pregnant women. Be aware of yourself and your surroundings and you will find that pregnancy can be an easy task after all.

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