What Can You Do To Entertain Green At Home

By Greg Christian
Chicago’s Conscious Caterer™ and pioneer of Organic School Project

Consider buying local food directly from farmers. It takes a little more planning and you will need to be a little more flexible about what you are going to serve as it will need to depend on what is available at the market. Go to the farmers market and put together a local vegetable tray and now you can buy all kinds of meat and cheeses there. If you can talk to the farmer, pick up a story about the farm that you can share with your guests at the party.

Another good place to start being green is using real plates and glasses even if the plates don’t match, use real plates and dishes – instead of disposable.

Buy local beverages at the grocery store, you can get locally made beers, wines and often sodas.

Pay attention to everything you buy – the more we go away from plastic bottles the better.

Recycle and compost. You don’t have to be a gardener to compost, I bring my compost to work or donate it to a neighbor who gardens. If this seems far out, ask yourself where is “away” when you throw things in the garbage. Ask yourself, “how can I have less waste at this party than the one before?” Remember there is no “away.”

Do the best you can and have fun!


Green Weddings, Parties, Events – hiring a caterer, hotel, restaurant the questions to ask are:

  1. Can you buy local foods for my event? Then just be silent and let them answer. If the sales person says no, ask to see the chef, don’t ask -do you- ask can you or would buy local food for my event? One of the gifts chefs have is that we are creative folks, the reason food comes out good is because we are creative and we have made this 1000 of times, ask them to use their creativity to use local for your event. It is a yes or no.
  2. Often there is criteria parking, capacity, locations of bathrooms and bars etc. that are on your list to help you choose a caterer, hotel, restaurant. Add do you recycle, do you compost, buy local, have a social responsibility or sustainability guidelines for your company that I could see, to your list of criteria.
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Ask in a nice way. You want to ask these questions honoring all the people you are questioning. Don’t come at this righteously. Be in your heart. If you are not in your heart you are in the way.

About Greg Christian Catering and Events

Greg Christian, recognized as Chicago’s Conscious Caterer™, has been catering fresh, gourmet cuisine for the past 16 years. In addition to healthy, sustainable cuisine, Greg Christian Catering is committed to on and off-site composting and recycling. The newly launched “Greening of Events” service program will practice water conservation, offer re-usable living botanical centerpieces and donate un-served foods to local food banks.

Additionally, Greg Christian Catering and Events offers natural, healthy, organic sustainable menus, invitations printed on recycled paper, biodegradable service ware, eco-friendly cleaning supplies and numerous other details that help transform Chicago corporate meetings and parties, weddings and special events into green events.

For more information about Greg Christian Catering and events, please visit www.gregchristian.com


Launched in 2005, OSP is a non-profit organization that provides youth with a mindful foundation for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle through school-based wellness programming initiatives. OSP strives to combat youth health epidemics, such as childhood obesity, early on-set type II diabetes and asthma, through a holistic approach to education and food service systemic change. For more information on the Organic School Project, please visit www.organicschoolproject.org

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  1. Cory Baitz says:

    Greg Christian has no respect for his clientele and should not be hired. My fiance and I booked our wedding with Greg Christian. Upon hearing rumors that his company was closing, we called and were told that everything was okay and not to worry about our wedding plans. After hearing more rumors, we called again to find that he was going out of business. We were never notified by him. In turn, we asked for our deposit back as he would not be providing the services we agreed upon. This request was denied, flatty and unapologetically. Since then, we’ve found out that he has attended a conference in Vegas and opened a new company. We have still heard nothing from him regarding our deposit. We trusted him with our business and money and, in the end, he walked away with it.

  2. Caterer Canada says:

    i for one sell Eco friendly disposable plates made out of palm leaf which compared to most other so-called Eco friendly disposables feel and look like more sturdier plates plus you can actually re-use a few times more rather than throw them away after one use.

  3. This is a nice move to promote the green.People should really be part of this

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