Top 5 Exercise Mistakes Beginners Make

Tired After ExerciseExercise is an important part to everyone’s life, but many people and especially beginners, tend to make certain mistakes when it comes to their fitness routine. There are a few mistakes in exercise in particular that you will want to be aware of, not only so that you can make sure you are not making these same mistakes but also so that you can avoid making them in the future.

Doing the Gym Slouch

This is one of the most common fitness mistakes that people make. It is important when you are doing any sort of exercise that you take your time and keep good posture. You never want to lean on exercise equipment while you are using it, as not only will this not give you the best workout, but also increases the chances of you getting injured. When your back is rounded your spine is not getting enough support which is a problem and can be dangerous, especially if you are doing an exercise such as weightlifting.

Rushing Your Reps

Many people mistakenly think that the more reps they do, the better off they are going to be, but this is actually not true at all. It does not necessarily matter how many times you do a particular exercise but rather whether you are doing it properly or not. You want to concentrate on the muscle you are working out as you are exercising it, so that you can be sure you are doing the exercise right and working out the muscle as you want to.

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Not only that, but also doing weight lighting repetitions too quickly is dangerous because it raises your blood pressure and increases your risk of joint injury.

Looking for A Quick Fix

You have to realize, when it comes to exercise, that nothing is going to be instant. If you want results you are going to have to put in a lot of effort and time. Real fitness is a lifelong thing and so if you want to stay looking and feeling at your very best, you are going to have to keep up the exercising for the rest of your life. This does not mean that you have to push yourself too hard and wear yourself out, but it does mean that you will want to keep yourself active for as long as you can.

Also know that everyone is different and so everyone’s exercise routine needs to be designed specifically for them. You need to figure out what areas of your body need to be worked on, and if you are not sure or if you just want a bit of extra help then you can always hire a personal trainer who will be able to help you with this.

Forgetting To Stretch

Few people are aware are of just how important stretching is, both before and after a workout. You need to stretch to help warm up the muscles and get them ready for the actual exercise. This is really important because if you do not then you are likely to sprain or even pull a muscle. Warming up is one of the most important parts of your entire workout and should begin and end every single session. It helps by preparing your body for more strenuous exercise by heating up and stretching out your muscles, increasing your circulation and pulse rate.

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There are a few stretches in particular that you will want to perform before exercising, including inner thigh stretch, hamstring stretch, toe touch, calf-achilles stretch, and the head roll. The side stretch is one that should be performed before almost any exercise, and to do this stretch you need to open your arms to the side and continue lifting them until they are over your head. Next you reach your right arm as far upward as you can, feeling the stretch on your right side. Repeat this with your other arm.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Water is essential for life, and especially when you are exercising because you are working out your body and needing more hydration. Your body is made up of over 70% water, so it only makes sense that you need to keep refilling your water supply throughout the day. There is a surprising connection between the quality of our water and of healthful longevity.

Also remember that if you are especially active, you are going to need to drink even more water. There are certain symptoms that you are going to notice if you begin to become dehydrated, and this includes pains in the joints and muscles, joint pain, headaches and constipation. You should always keep a bottle of water handy while you are working out so that you can drink throughout your workout, but it is more important to drink before and after your workout, as opposed to during, because this may give you cramps.

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  1. Most interesting fact is about water as water is natural,Zero calories so you can drink as much as you want.Over all great article worth reading.

  2. Steve says:

    Great informative article! Well worth a stumble to help spread the word!


  3. Ishta says:

    Dehydration headaches and muscle weakness from not enough water can make you feel so awful. Are there any bad effects from drinking too much water?

  4. Sanjay says:

    Drinking too much water at one time is dangerous without the proper electrolytes to accompany it. The recommended intake of a gallon a day is not meant to be done within a minute, but rather a whole day. Too much water causes the cell to swell. The cell tries to balance itself by giving up some sodium. Hyponatremia is described as having insufficient sodium within a cell to a point where the tissue becomes swollen, most notably the brain. This problem is rare but does happen to infants that take in an over dilute infant formula and elderly people with poor kidneys.

  5. TROY says:

    Your site was helpful. I look forward to more postings. Thank you

  6. Healthyeric says:

    There was a women in Canada who died from consuming to much water (Hyponatremia). Apparently a radio station had a contest, where, whoever could drink the most water out of an 18 liter jug, would win a car. Well, a mother of two children, was very determined to win and literally drank herself to death. At one point, a nurse called the radio station and told them about the possible consequences of consuming too much water…by then I think it was too late, the lady dropped dead a few hours later. Sad, but a real life example nonetheless.

  7. sdlawyer says:

    Also, remember to set realistic goals and don’t obsess about small weight fluctuations. Muscle weighs more than fat

  8. Doing a High Rep workout, it would surprise me that it would raise your blood pressure. Perhaps while at they gym but I doubt that it would have any negative effect on you.

  9. A lot of these will ensure significant changes to the body! Very informative I used to drink energy drinks but I find it not helpful coz it gives me a lot of palpitation.

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