Healthier New Year Resolution #2 – Healthy Eating

New Year Resolution - Healthy Eating

Whether you are having troubles with your weight or health in general or not, healthy eating is one New Year’s resolution that will be beneficial to everyone, and make the #2 spot in our Healthier New Year Resolution series.

Healthy eating is incredibly important, and necessary if you want to get and stay in shape and feel at your very best. There are many things that you need to think about when it comes to healthy eating, and if you want to get fit and feel great, here are a few things in particular that you are going to want to keep in mind.

Making Healthy Meals Happen

Sure we all want to eat healthy and especially if we have a family, make sure that they are getting the nutrition and vitamins that they need. But this is not always as easy as it sounds. Especially in the crazy hectic and busy world that we live in today it seems as though there is never enough time to get everything we need done, and the same goes for meals. Taking a few minutes each week to plan your meals is really going to help you out here and make things a great deal easier on you.

The first step is to get ready, and this should involve the whole family. After all, everyone is different and so everyone is going to have different food preferences, of which you are going to want to take into consideration when planning your meals. Involve all family members in all aspects of meal planning, and give each person in the family a chance to talk about what they like and dislike, and what recipes they would like to have included here.

Putting this down in writing is also very important, not only to help keep you organized but so that you can remember everything you have gone over. Especially if you have a larger family you are going to find that you have troubles remembering everyone’s opinion. You should always start with the main attraction when you are planning your meals, and so this means that you should decide on the main course for each meal of the week first, before thinking about sides and desserts. This is important because not only is the main course the most important part of the meal, but also by choosing the main dish first you will find it a great deal easier to add on and finish off each meal.

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You also want to remember to mix it up, and even if your family prefers one type of meat, for instance, you can still find a variety of recipes to use which will allow you to still give your family what they want but without making it boring. Try to introduce one new main course each week so that your family gets lots of variety and also so that they get the nutrition that they need. Also remember that by adding new courses you are going to be making sure that your family enjoys dinner as they should and is spending more time together.

Next is the process of planning the side dishes, drinks, and desserts. This should really be the fun part, as you have already decided on the main dishes for each meal. You want to make sure that you add on side dishes that are tasty and healthy, such as vegetables and whole grain side dishes. You should serve milk with dinner or water, rather than juices. Not only is this the healthier option but also is not too sweet and will not make people fill up before they have eaten their meal.

You can also have fun with desserts, even though you may think to skip dessert to be healthier. You can actually choose from a variety of healthy desserts, such as fruit filled pastries and cakes. As long as you do not go overboard with your desserts and do not have two or three servings at a time. Portion control is really one of the most important aspects here, because it is good to keep everything in moderation. You can even overdo it with the healthiest foods if you have too much of them, so make sure that you watch what you are eating and really take this into consideration.

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Planning your meals ahead of time is going to be very helpful to you, and save you a great deal of time and effort. Keep in mind that there are also many meals that you can actually make ahead of time as well, so that when dinner time rolls around you do not have to worry about cooking up a feast, but rather you will already have the entire meal waiting and ready to go.

Here are some great tips for everybody to have a healthier eating options.

Healthier Eating Tips For The Busy Bees

  • Cook bigger batch of foods ahead during the weekends, refrigerate and freeze them, and use it for your weekdays consumption.
  • Set a meal time reminder or alarm, you don’t want to skip your meals.
  • Put healthy food options where you can see to remind yourself of your healthier eating resolution.
  • Keep handy snacks around such as dried fruits, nuts, seeds, celery sticks and sandwiches

Healthier Eating Tips For Fussy Eaters

  • Try something new. You may not get enough nutrients from the same food everyday.
  • Choose different ways of preparing food. If you don’t like it raw, you can steam your vegetables or make a soup for example.
  • Go easy on yourself. If you don’t like brown rice for example, mix it with white rice first. In time you’ll get used to the flavor.

Healthier Eating Tips For The Couch Potatoes

  • Substitute light yogurt instead of ice dream
  • Baby carrots or celery sticks with low fat dip make a great snack
  • Instead on candy or chips, try light popcorn
  • If you insist on the chips, don’t consume them right from the bag. Put them in a small bowl, so that you won’t end up finishing the whole bag.
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Healthier Eating Tips For Junk Food Junkies

  • Sample the healthier alternatives such as baked chips, dried fruit, or sugar-free Popsicle.
  • Look for low-calorie, low-sugar, and low-fat options.
  • Replace chips for light popcorn, whole grain crackers, carrot sticks, red peppers, and rice cakes.
  • For the sweet tooth, sugar-free pudding, sugar free jell, fruit bars, baked apple, fresh and dried fruits are options.
  • Chocolate lovers should choose the lower calorie portion of it, and also choose the individually wrapped chocolates, because they can give enough satisfaction, but can discourage overindulgence as it takes effort to open up each morsel.

Healthier Eating Tips for Kitchen Phobes

  • Try simple but healthy recipes.
  • Take advantage of prepared or low calorie frozen foods.
  • Order healthier versions when dining out.

It is possible to make a healthier options in your eating habits without drastically changing your lifestyle. Make enough of these healthy changes in your diet over time, and your New Year resolution can become reality.

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  1. Marty says:

    That is some of the best advise I have seen on this subject! In addition to taking your advise we have added a blend of 19 fruits that we take each morning when we wake up & again when we go to bed. Wow what a difference it has made. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Healthyeric says:

    I agree…..even after just a few days you certainly have higher energy levels and a clearer mind…..I’ve used a program provided by Frederic with great success…

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