Beauty Blunders Women Should Avoid

Makeup can help make a woman look her very best, but it can often be difficult to determine what types of makeup to use and how to apply it. There are a few beauty blunders in particular that many women tend to make, and which they should be aware of so that they can avoid making them in the future. Beauty blunders not only refer to applying makeup inappropriately, but also refer to using the wrong types of makeup which end up hurting the skin.

Stuck in a Time Warp

One of the biggest mistakes that women make when it comes to their makeup is not updating it. Women who began using makeup in the 80s for instance still have some of the same makeup they did then, over two decades ago. This is seriously problematic, not only because the colors and types of makeup will be inappropriate now but also because makeup only stays good for so long and after that should be thrown out. Especially foundation and mascara which can have bacteria buildup when kept too long should be disposed of after a few months, definitely no longer than a year.

Skin Problems

If you have problem skin, oily or acne prone skin for instance, then you are going to want to make sure you are using the right treatment product. You should always go with credible brand names, so you know that you can trust in their products and that no harmful chemicals or byproducts will have been used in the making of the products. You can speak to your dermatologist about the different products available on the market and they will be able to assess your skin and help you choose the products best suited to your skin care needs.

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Overdoing it

One of the biggest mistakes that many women make when it comes to their makeup is using too much of it. A lot of women mistakenly think that by using more makeup they will look younger and prettier, but the opposite is actually true. By piling on the makeup you are simply adding layers and years to your face, and will end up looking older and less attractive. Instead, you want to use a light, proper colored foundation, rosy blush, and light makeup everywhere else on your face. Less is more is absolutely true here, and if you go heavy on the eyes, for a night out on the town for instance, then take it easy on the lips, and vice versa. Also consider what type of event you are going to, so that you can do your makeup appropriately.

Using Dirty Makeup Brushes

This is another of the worst things you can do when it comes to your makeup. Bacteria are everywhere and every time you put your makeup on, your brushes and applicators are picking up this bacteria off of your face and this will eventually build up and when this happens you are just asking for blemishes and other skin problems. In order to avoid this you want to make sure that you clean all of your makeup brushes and applicators frequently, or purchase new ones every couple of months.

Choosing Foundation

One of the processes that women consider difficult when it comes to makeup is choosing a foundation. There are so many different shades of foundation available today, and although this is definitely a good thing, at the same time it can make it hard to decide on the one that is going to blend best with your skin tone. Choosing the right foundation is really critical because it is going to affect the way the rest of your makeup looks. If you make a mistake with your foundation then everything else is going to be thrown off balance. The best idea is to visit a cosmetics counter so that the expert there can show you the best formula for your skin and lifestyle. This will not only make sure that you choose the right foundation from now on but also save you a lot of time and hassle.

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Going Out on a Limb

Of course playing around with your makeup can be a lot of fun, and you should enjoy yourself when you are going your makeup, rather than making it a chore. At the same time you need to make sure that you do not go too far out on a limb, especially if you do not have that much experience with cosmetics. Try out different colors and looks at home but always check to make sure that they look good on you before going out in public.

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