How To Have A Greener Christmas

Green ChristmasWhen you are wishing to enjoy the Christmas season there are several details you may not want to have to deal with. Many of us know that the Christmas season brings stress and excess eating, but it also brings joy, happiness, and wonderful family gatherings. If you are an eco-friendly person you may wish to make your Christmas a green one this year.

The Earth is very precious to a lot of us and when we are cutting down trees, placing lights on the tree, and having parties we sometimes forget how much damage can be inflicted on the Earth during one holiday. So below you will find several steps for how to have your green Christmas and have less effect on the Earth.

This year you may decide to give a healthier gift for the environment. Rather than giving a gift that has been manufactured with wasted energy, plastic and other harmful materials you should look for gifts that will help protect the environment. Some suggestions:

When you shop for this year’s Christmas gifts you may also want to think about how you obtain these gifts. Part of a green gift is in the actual procurement.

Christmas shopping often wastes a lot of gas and unneeded energy. If you plan for the Christmas shopping you would like to do you will use less of the resources. In fact if you budget your time, money and the stores you will shop at, you will find you are saving gas.

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You may also decide that shopping for gifts this year is better done online rather than wasting unnecessary gas. You can usually find many gifts that are all natural, organic, and hand made online. You will also find that these green gifts offer discounts when you buy online and it saves the gas you would have used.

One of the other ways to have a green Christmas is to decide the type of tree you are going to get. Artificial trees have their drawbacks when you consider the environment. On one hand you will be using the tree for several years, but they are made from metal and plastic material. This material is hard on the environment.

While you save gas from having to purchase a new tree, you may in fact be harming the environment more by getting a tree that was manufactured. If you have a real tree you can find a place that offers trees with the roots. These replantable trees can be planted in a park, your backyard or other locations to offer a greener Christmas and you are also saving the forests over just a cut down tree or artificial tree. You can save all the trouble by getting your Christmas tree from TreeGivers Gift Tree 🙂

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  1. Betsy says:

    I really like the idea of the ready to plant flower bulb. Then they can think of you as the flower is blooming! I also noticed that 1-800-Flowers has several organic gift baskets available too. Gift baskets can be such life savers when you’re in a crunch to get a gift!

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