Ways To Eliminate Xenohormones Affecting Our Health

Organically Grown VegetablesIt’s time everyone should get to know about, what some may call, the 20th century plague – the xenohormones. Xeno literally means foreign. Hence, xonohormones means foreign hormones, i.e. man made substances that are foreign to your body. Most xenohormones have an estrogen like effect and so are sometimes called xenoestrogens.

To sum it up, it is basically bad for you and your body. Exposure to it can lead to decreased progesterone production, resulting in estrogen dominance, endometriosis, miscarriages, PMS and probably many types of ovarian dysfunctions. Prenatal exposure can cause multiple endocrine disruptions and anatomic deformities, even intellectual impairment!

Xenohormones Facts

Xenohormones can have a variety of negative hormonal effects. They can block or oppose the reaction of your own estrogen, mimic your own estrogen but with a stronger or weaker effect, send different messages to your cells than your own estrogen would, and altering the production and breakdown of your own estrogen.

Xenohormones can also effect the production and function of your hormone receptors. While there are some petrochemical pollutants that have androgenic or male hormone effects, the majority of them have estrogenic effects.

They are also known as petrochemical pollutants. Nearly all of them are petrochemically based (derived from petroleum oil). The legacy of this pollution in living creatures includes an epidemic of reproductive abnormalities, including steadily increasing numbers of cancers of the reproductive tract, low sperm counts, the feminization of males and infertility.

Why Are Xenohormones Harmful?

Although in general, xenohormones, are weaker than your own hormones, unlike your own hormones, they accumulate in your body. More recent research is showing that exposure to xenohormones suppresses the immune system. Damage from xenohormone exposure varies depending on the dose, individuality, and the age at which the exposure occured.

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Fully matured tissues are less sensitive to xenohormone exposure than immature tissues. Exposure doses that would not harm a grown woman may cause irreparable damage to her developing baby. The observable effects of this damage may not become apparent until adulthood.

Infants of women who have been chronically exposed to xenohormones seem to be particularly susceptible to immune system damage through exposure in breast milk and children are more susceptible than adults.

Common Sources Of Xenoestrogens

  • Synthetic estrogens and progestins, are found in oral contraceptives abd conventional hormone replacement therapies.
  • Commercially grown animal products that contain added hormones or pesticide residues (this includes most meat and dairy products sold in grocery stores).
  • Commercially grown vegetables which contain pesticide residues.
  • Car exhaust.
  • Industrial wastes such as PCBs and dioxins.
  • Almost all plastics, especially when plastics become hot or are heated.
  • Petrochemical compounds found in almost all creams, lotions, soaps, shampoos, mineral oil, perfume, hair spray, room deodorizers, new carpet, cooking with plastic.
  • Stress

Ways To Eliminate Xenoestrogens

It’s impossible to eliminate all xenoestrogens from the environment. You could however, try some of these:

  • Wear natural fibres.
  • Buy hormone free organic meats.
  • Buy organic produce, vegetables and fruits grown without pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers or hormones.
  • Use glass or ceramics whenever possible to store food and water.
  • Heat food up in the microwave in glass or ceramic covered dish.
  • Use a simple detergent with lesser chemicals. This includes laundry detergents and household cleaners.
  • Use organic soaps, shampoo and personal care products.
  • Use natural pest control not pesticides.
  • Don’t use herbicides. Use a cup of salt in 4 liters of vinegar instead.
  • Use antioxidant supplementation of Vitamin A, C, E to combat xenoestrogen effects.
  • Eat broccoli, cabbage etc.
  • Use condoms without spermicides instead of birth control.
  • Avoid parabens used in skin care products.
  • Balance your system with natural progesterone cream.

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