Fall Back To A Healthy Sleep This Autumn

Healthy SleepEvery fall we look forward to the delightful treat of gaining an hour of sleep during daylight savings time. Wouldn’t it be rejuvenating to sleep like you had an extra hour every night?

Dr. Rubin Naiman, Director of Sleep Programs at the award winning destination spa, Miraval Resort, Tucson, offers expert advice on creating an optimal sleeping sanctuary. Having devoted the last 25 years to promoting sleep health, Dr. Naiman is a distinguished source on approaching the sleep issue comprehensively, from a body, mind and spirit perspective.

Here are some of Dr. Naiman’s unique tips for how to fall back to a healthy sleep this autumn by creating a sleeping sanctuary in your own bedroom:

  • Sleep in a warm-colored, darkly painted room to ease into darkness
  • Awaken to a Circadian Alarm Clock. As it nears the time you has set to wake, the light will slowly grow brighter, starting the body’s natural wake-up process. Once fully awakened to the sunny glow, you will feel refreshed, positive and prepared rather than drowsy and confused as often happens with a blaring, buzzing alarm clock.
  • Replace regular Edison light bulbs with ‘blueblockers’ bulbs. These special light bulbs block the blue components of light allowing melatonin (the sleep inducing hormone) to be produced naturally.
  • Remove the television and all LED lights from the bedroom as these are distractions from falling asleep naturally.
  • Pro Sleep Atmosphere: Use a HEPA Filtration/Humidifier system to circulate the cleanest air which will disseminate allergies and promote healthy breathing.
  • Optimal Bed & Bedding: Dress your bed with organic “Pure” bedding that is manufactured without dyes and is hypoallergenic that does no’t contain harmful toxins like cotton sheets.
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Now that you’’ve made your bedroom, go sleep in it!

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