Bloggers Against Abuse Challenge – Stop Self-Abuse

Abused WomanWith the success of previous campaigns: Fundraising Challenge Event and Organ Donation Awareness Campaign, BlogCatalog is back with it’s latest campaign for a good cause – Stop The Abuse.

Bloggers are called to blog about ending all kinds of abuse, be it child abuse, animal abuse or drug abuse, on Sep 27, 2007

I’m writing about something that many people take for granted. I’m writing to put an end to, and stop abusing our body. Stop Self-Abuse!

Ways We Can Stop Abusing Our Bodies And Ourselves

There are all kinds of abuse – mental, emotional, and sexual; but there is also self-abuse, which involves the abuse we put ourselves through primarily physically. Some of the ways that we abuse our bodies are though smoking, drinking, poor eating habits, and poor sleeping habits.

Smoking Is An Act Of Self-AbuseOne of the biggest ways we abuse our bodies and ourselves is through smoking. Smokers do not only put their bodies in danger, they also put others in danger with the second hand smoke. Smoking not only affects our lungs but the way our entire body receives oxygen. Other effects are serious health problems like lung cancer, asthma and other breathing diseases. This can be easily remedied by quitting smoking. There are several ways this can be done; there are patches, pills, gum and just cutting back slowly until you get off. Say NO! to cigarettes. Stop abusing your lungs!

Drinking Too Much Is An Act Of Self-AbuseDrinking alcohol is another way that people abuse their bodies. The effects of this substance on the body vary. It impairs judgment, which means that harm can come to the body through falling, accidents and reckless behavior as well as dehydrating the body and killing brain cells. It can also have serious health effects on the liver if too much is taken over too long a time. While small quantities of certain types may be beneficial to the body, this is usually a substance that is overly used and therefore creates damage.

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It is also especially harsh on the body when mothers who are expecting a baby drink alcohol as it damages both the body of the mother and that of the unborn child resulting in a wide range of birth defects. If you are drinking outside of moderation, consider cutting back and getting help if necessary. Go easy on alcohol!

Overeating Is An Act Of Self-AbuseAnother way that people are abusing themselves and their bodies is by overeating or by not eating enough and by eating the wrong types of foods. This places a heavy burden on the body and can lead to a wide range of health problems from diabetes, to sleeping disorders and can cause a person to be unable to work or care for themselves. Finding a healthy eating style that works well for you and that provides you with what you need as well as getting exercise can be the best way to defeat this type of self abuse.

Poor sleeping habits, not getting enough sleep or undiagnosed sleeping disorders like sleep apnea can also be a form of self-abuse. Getting the proper amount of rest is essential in order to be able to function not only mentally but have our bodies function and be able to do everything we ask of it. Making sure to get the proper amount of sleep that is right for your body is necessary. On average, a person needs about eight hours a night, some more, some less. This should be uninterrupted sleep so if you end up tossing and turning talk to your doctor instead of letting it go.

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential to treating our bodies with respect and ending the cycle of self-abuse.



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5 Responses

  1. TrilbyKat says:

    I saw your post in the Bloggers Unite group and thought I’d stop by. I blogged about self abuse, too and really liked your take on the subject. The links look good and useful, too.

    • borzack says:

      Not many of us choose this particular category. I guess if we want to start doing something, we should start with ourselves πŸ™‚

  2. Sue says:

    the first step to prevent lung cancer is to stop smoking.

  3. Chan says:

    You are writing about something that many people take for granted. I think smoking is the best cause of lung cancer.

  4. Chris says:

    This was very interesting. I think that drug rehab is very major issue in the world today. Many people are addicted to drugs or alcohol and not very many people are doing anything about it. This is why I think that the awareness of it must go up.

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