How To Avoid Hearing Loss

Loud Music Can Cause Hearing LossWe all know what is hearing, but just what is hearing loss? And did you know that about 3 in 1000 babies are born with hearing impairment? In fact, hearing problem is the most common birth defect. A hearing problem can also develop later in life.

How Do I Know If I or My Child Has Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss can happen because a person was born with parts of the ear that didn’t form correctly and don’t work well. Other problems can occur later, perhaps due to an injury or illness such as meningitis or, simply due to prolonged exposure to loud noises. Teenagers often listen to extremely loud music through headphones and adults who work in construction sites are exposed to loud sounds from machineries.

For Adults

  • You frequent complain that people mumble, or ‘eats up’ their words.
  • You only hear parts of conversation when people are talking.
  • You often request for others to repeat what they said.
  • Your friends or relatives tell you that you don’t seem to hear well.
  • Others comment that your television or radio is on too loud for comfort.
  • You cannot hear the doorbell or the telephone ringing.
  • You find that looking at people when they communicate to you makes it somewhat easier to understand, especially when you are in a noisy place.

For Children

Pay attention to your child if he or she:

  • Does not respond when called. You may need to call out a few times for him or her to hear you eventually, each time raising your voice a little.
  • Shows delayed progress in language and speech.
  • Cannot speak properly.
  • On the television and radio a little too loud for comfort.
  • Does not follow instructions.
  • Often says “Huh?”
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How Is Hearing Loss Tested And Treated?

Your doctor would normally suggest that you consult an audiologist, who is specially trained to test and help with problems related to hearing loss. If an audiologist finds that your child has hearing loss, he or she will recommend treatment and suggest the family work with a special team. The team would normally comprise of a pediatric audiologist and a speech therapist.

Treatment really depends on the type of hearing loss, its severity and the child’s unique needs. Common treatments include medicine, operations, incorporating hearing aids. Hearing devices help to amplify voices and help kids hear better in noisy settings. With proper treatment, most young children can be helpe to optimally use their hearing.

In some cases where hearing aids are not effective, a surgery may be necessary. A procedure called the cochlear implant can be performed to insert a very tiny piece of electronic equipment into the cochlear. The device then takes over the job of the damaged or destroyed hair cells in the cochlear by turning sounds into electrical signals that stimulate the hearing nerve directly.

Tips To Protect Your Ears

  • Don’t insert foreign objects that may cause damage to the ears.
  • Beware of high level of noise. Avoid those places.
  • Use ear plugs when you work using drills or lawnmowers.
  • Don’t play the stereo too loud. Take care if you use headphones or earphones.
  • Use natural ear products that promotes overall ear health.

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8 Responses

  1. Nice post and a great blog!Good luck πŸ™‚

  2. Remember that the following does not apply to tennagers, these are signs they are going through puberty.

    1. Does not respond when called.
    2. You may need to call out a few times for him or her to hear you eventually, each time raising your voice a little.
    3. On the television and radio a little too loud for comfort.
    4. Does not follow instructions.
    5. Often says β€œHuh?”

    Enjoy your blog, keep up the posts!!

  3. jelly jane says:

    im one of the list of lossing og hearing maybe.
    im too concious about what happen to my ear?
    is this will be back to normal after the treatment i had?
    and at my age of 18 , do i have a chane that my sense of hearing could back to normal?
    plz .. ( huhu )
    i think im too pity the way people say about what happen to me ..
    ,may they got feadback on me ..

    hopefully soon my problem will be solve as jesus christ help .

    jel πŸ™

  4. sophia says:

    Hi, im an 18 years old teenage girl who has hearing problems which is very difficult. I only found out 3 months back that it is severe and that i can not continue to do my dream job since that day on i have been miserable and i dont think i can recover from a thing like that but i am dong my best to move on. In my case i dont have treatment which is pretty sad. But im not giving hope on myself. <3 πŸ™‚

  5. M.Pouladi says:

    I am 61 years old and I am lossing my hearing.
    Would you please direct me how to prevent hearing loss by age?
    Thanks in advanve.

  6. sandz says:

    Noise induced hearing loss can be prevented or reduced in many cases. Using ear plugs can help to block the loud noises.

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    Best wishes to all.

    Miles Hartley.

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