Weight Watchers Getting Australia Started!

By Viv

For years, Weight Watchers have been providing everyone with programs to help us slim down and they have been very successful at it. Though, it was always about looking slimmer and rarely touched on the aspects of a healthy diet, but they recently commenced a campaign, “Let’s get started”, touching on this, raising the issue how unhealthy eating diets in Australia can affect the future generation. For me, this is a big and helpful step for everyone, we not need to only care about looking skinny, but also most importantly, we need to be healthy. It is about time that we have TV ads that warns us about what we put in our mouths rather than constant TV ads that just tempts us into biting in juicy burgers and crispy fried chips, although they are very powerful in that sense (guilty).

Especially being a parent, we are role models for our younger generation. What we eat and what we do affects them in every single way. If they see us eating burgers and junk everyday, they’ll think that’s what they should do and then it’ll stay with them until they are older where they are so use to that type of food, they don’t want to change anymore. So, we need to start from the beginning, educating our younger generation on what we should eat as daily meals and what are just treats that is ok for once in a while. Start healthy diet now for a better lifestyle, you wouldn’t want to end up looking like the couch potatoes in the Ad, don’t join in the 7 millions and help decrease that number!

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More on the Campaign TV ad viewing: http://www.letsgetstarted.com.au

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