Caring For Your Pets

Animals have been on earth way before man. However, man developed the art of taming beasts and used them for his daily needs and chores. Farmers used cattle and oxen. Hunters used horses, camel, donkeys etc. Animals like cattle, pigs, goats, sheep and chickens were bred as a source of food.

Farmers used cattle in their day to day chores and over time a relationship between man and animals were formed. A bond was developed between the animals and humans. These animals became more than just beasts of burden.

As time progressed, animals have become more than just ‘animals’, they became companions of mankind. Love and passion between a man and animal developed. The species that became a common part of some humans were cats and dogs.

Cats and dogs were breed widely to fulfill mankind needs of companionship from animals.In the present day, the roles of companion animal are far beyond that of fulfilling daily chores. Companion animal or pets have far surpassed their core purpose of existence. In the day to day life, a man or woman faces many challenges and stress at work, home and in the social community. Pets help to overcome these stresses. The role of pets in present day community is only felt by those who have been able to relate to them as one.

Pets, with their god given sixth sense are able to feel the emotions of their owners. They are able to understand anger, sadness, happiness and other emotions of man. However, this is only possible if owners are able to relate to them.

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Animal is the only being on this earth that is multi-linguistic. They learn the language from their owners. Pets imported from Russia and other parts of the world, are able to understand the dialect of their owners, within days. It is sad that pets cannot talk back when you talk to them.

As much as pets serve us in our daily feelings, their health is also of utmost importance. Here’s a brief highlight of some important requirement of owning a pet:


As much as we are concerned about our nutritional health pets too have the same need. We must pay a lot of attention to what is important to them. Gone are the days of table scraps being fed to pets.Presently, there are many pet foods in the market. Just as we have up market brand for our own liking, so do they. Choose the brand that suits your budget and at the same time liked by your pets. They too have their own preferences. If the needs arise, supplement the nutrition with vitamins in any form.


This is very important, next to nutrition. As humans have their own forms of immunization so do animals. Their immunization is inline with their species. Immunization is necessary to prevent your pets from contracting fatal diseases. No one would want to loose a friend due to diseases which could have been prevented through immunization. Contact your nearest veterinarians on the immunization requirements for your pets.


Good health is obtained through exercise. Pets also need exercise and regular walks with their owners, also helps to build a human-animal bond.

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