Bipolar Disorder – Keep It In Order

Bipolar DisorderBipolar is a difficult disorder for an individual to deal with. One minute they are up and the next they are down. You can see the changes occur in the person while they may not always realize the problems they are having.

Bipolar disorder is a result of the brain’s neurotransmitters making them feel happy one moment and down the next. Bipolar has had another name during its history, Manic Depression. Now psychologists recognize the intricacies of the disorder and have given it a more appropriate name. Two terms you will need to recognize are depression and mania. In one instance the person feels horribly depressed, while in the other they are extremely happy and acting a tad “crazy” or manic.

The different aspects of bipolar are referred to as episodes. In a manic episode you see hyperactivity. While during a depressive episode you will see exhaustion, inability to function, waning interest, and hopelessness. While it may seem that there is no cure for bipolar there are successful treatments that can help regulate the chemicals in the brain to even out.

Typically a severe case of bipolar disorder requires medication at all times. During a depressive episode they will be on antidepressants. A manic phase is noted with tranquilizers. The dose will depend on the severity. Most often a person with bipolar disorder needs to have a doctor or family member keep track of their moods. During a manic phase the patient may feel they do not need the medication and forgo it. This can also happen during a depressive stage, which can lead to suicide during a severe depressive state if not monitored.

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To just treat bipolar disorder with drug therapy will not be as completely effective. In others words the patient needs to find a balance with their drug therapy as well as seek counseling. Counseling can help them keep on track as well as allow the psychiatrist keep track of their episodes and adjust accordingly.

Lithium is just one mood stabilizer used to treat bipolar disorder. Valproic acid is another. These drugs will help treat a patient, however sometimes other drugs need to be prescribed for the side effects such as insomnia. An effect of taking some of these drugs is a decrease or increase in production of the thyroid hormone, which can lead to a thyroid disorder. Thyroid disorders affect the brain, weight, and other aspects of a person’s health and should be monitored for.

Another choice that bipolar patients have is to treat the depression naturally. This can be done by taking natural nutritional supplements. These nutritional supplements reduce the severity of depression, create a sense of well being and elevate the mood by providing specific forms of amino acid. A healthy nervous system can also be maintained by using some reasonable doses of fish oils.

St John’s Wort and ginko are some of the wonders of the nature that is being used as remedies for depression. Since the medication for bipolar disorder involves drugs that have a high level of side effects, it is always a preferred option to identify a bipolar disorder early in its onset. This provides natural treatment options a chance to contribute significantly towards managing the disorder and ensuring minimal or no side effects.

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