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Patty Grasso, a recipient of a kidney and pancreas transplant lives by the philosophy, “Life is beautiful pass it on.” This is just one story among thousands of recipients of organ donations who have been given a second chance at life. Most recipients tell their story with a smile and a tear in their eye. A transplant recipient, like Patty Grasso is “so happy to be alive!”

According to the New York Organ Donor Network there are over ninety-six thousand men, women and children who are waiting for an organ for transplantation. These numbers are for just the United States and do not even begin to tell the global need for organs used in transplant surgery. These men, women and children wait every day to receive that phone call that says an organ has been located. Sadly, many do not live long enough to receive this call.

An organ donator gives others the gift of life. Today is a very special day in which everyone at BlogCatalog is asked to unite in order to raise awareness about organ donation. Anyone who is over the age of eighteen can become an organ donor. If you are under eighteen years of age your parent or guardian must give permission for.

One only has to sign a card in order to become an organ donor. In just a few seconds, with a simple familiar stroke of the pen you can save lives. If you want to learn more about organ donation visit OrganDonor .

One tissue donor can enhance the lives of over fifty people. An organ donor can donate a heart, liver, two kidneys, a pancreas and two lungs. An organ donor can save seven lives. Life is the greatest gift that we could ever give anyone. Imagine a forty-seven year old man with a wife and children, who dreams of dancing at his daughter’s wedding, but is on a waiting list for a kidney.

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Organ donation not only saves lives but it makes dreams come true. Sign up to be an organ donor today and know that somewhere someone who is on a waiting list for an organ thanks you. Organ donation allows people to experience life once again.

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  1. Ann Clemmons says:

    Great job of shedding light on organ donation. I like the examples you sited!


  2. Excellent post.It’s really a good cause. I think people will definitely found benefit from it. Thanks a lot for sharing such an informative and interesting post with us.

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