Keeping Your Health For Summer

Summer comes around so quickly it is hard to keep up. Summer also means there are a lot of things that will change in your schedule. The kids are out and you often plan vacations. There are of course barbecues, outdoor activities, and fun in the sun. The trouble is staying healthy for the summer. Holidays are perhaps the most difficult time of the year, but summer is a close second because you have such a different schedule, especially during vacation time. You will want to remember to eat right and maybe it seems easy with all that fruit and vegetables in season, but then you see the cake at a birthday party or barbecue and your resolve disappears.

Summer offers you more of a chance to spend time outdoors, which means you have more activities to take part in. You can go swimming, hiking, boating, horseback riding, and many other things. Summer offers you the chance to have fun and get out of the house where you have been locked up during the winter’s cold months. With the outdoors you have to be careful of infections and viruses that come from the most unlikely places. After all with summer come the bugs.

Most important today is the West Nile virus from mosquitoes. There are many scientists all over the country testing mosquitoes for the virus, however this doesn’t mean you won’t catch it if you don’t pay attention. You need to have bug repellent on every time you are outdoors to avoid being bitten. Sweat can actually cause you to loose the solution or if you go in the water so you will need to reapply it throughout the day. Other common infections are enteroviruses, parainfluenza, and poliovirus. Tourists from other parts of the world can bring infections to you or when you travel you can become exposed. The best way to avoid these infections is to have an awareness and use preventative measures. We recommend the all natural, safe, DEET free mosquito repellent with 100% Thiamine Vitamin B1 for complete 24 hour protection from mosquitoes.

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Ticks, another bug to be concerned with, come out during the warmer months in forested areas. While there are some harmless ticks as long as you remove them, there are those that carry disease. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme disease are just two of the diseases ticks can carry. To remove ticks you need to have tweezers, and if they have inserted their head under the skin you will need to burn them off.

Food poisoning is common during the warmer months because we tend to leave food sitting out in the sun during outdoor activities and hot cars can lead to problems when you take a long time at the grocery stores. It is best to keep coolers on hand when you are going shopping or out in the sun. Keep them well stocked with ice, even if you have to go buy extra ice.

Allergies: The War Against Plants!

Many of us suffer from allergies during the summer and all of us hate those headaches and stuffy noses. In order for us to combat allergies we need to recognize the symptoms and seek help. Natural methods exist for combating allergies. First you can avoid the item causing the allergy by never going out, which is how not to have fun. In all seriousness though avoid coming into contact with what causes the allergy, don’t touch a car that is covered with pollen without a barrier. Bring natural remedies for headaches such as fragrant. Lavender is a good example. If you are in an area that has something to trigger your allergies such as on a hike you can wear a bandanna over your nostrils and mouth to avoid breathing in the allergen.

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Health Tips

Keep hydrated. Always have water with you especially for little children and infants. Heat stroke and other heat related health issues are caused by dehydration. If you have respiratory issues check out your local weather and then plan accordingly. Check the pollen and cotton count if you have allergies to avoid going out during the days where it is especially prevalent. Dress appropriately and wear the correct shoes for your activities. Make sure you take a break from being in the sun periodically during the day. Seek shade when it is available and don’t tax yourself on hikes. When traveling you will want to prepare for the diseases that may be prevalent in that area. This means you may need vaccinations.

Health during the summer may seem like an easy feat when you consider the ability to eat healthier foods and get more sun, but it can also lead to health issues. There are diseases and infections that occur in summer just like the winter flu season. Be aware of your own limitations and those around you to avoid injury to yourself and others. Most of all remember to have fun this summer!

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