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Sinusitis is an inflammation of the nasal sinus which usually caused by bacterial or viral infection. Allergic reactions or other responses to environmental agents such as dust, pollen, plant spores and even pollutants in the form of chemicals in the air can also cause sinusitis. Other possible causes of sinusitis includes excessive dryness in homes and offices from dry-air heating and air-conditioning systems, immunologic, nasal obstruction from tumors, polyps or a deviated septum, as well as structural problems such as narrow drainage passages.

Some of the common symptoms of chronic sinus infection includes headache that occurs for weeks at a time and is often notably worse in the morning, a pressure across mid face between the eyes, postnasal drip and nasal congestion. The classic symptoms of acute sinus infection are fever, raspy voice, nasal obstruction, loss of sense of smell, purulent nasal discharge and facial pain or headache that is sometimes aggravated by bending over. Less common signs of sinusitis include sore throat, puffy eyes, snoring, bad breath, coughing, fatigue, bronchitis, a chronic cold and stuffy ears.

Usually, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics if a bacterial infection is present. He may also prescribe decongestants, nasal sprays, expectorants and antihistamines.

One of the most effective sinus infection remedy today is the all natural Silver Sinus. Just use it 3 times a day, and the continue use for an additional 7 days may prevent recurrence. Say goodbye to sinus infections now!

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