Gifts To Wow Dad

Father's Day GiftFather’s Day is celebrated in the third week of June. On this day, not only should you wish you dad, but also anyone who is a father. So let’s get on with the celebration.

Hand made cards by the little ones and his favorite home coked meal are not all you can do for him. There is a wide variety of gifts you can surprise him with.

While there are no perfect gifts out there, these tips will help you choose something he will really love.

1. Think Function, Not Sentiment

Most men tend to think of gift giving in terms of an economic exchange of goods. While a woman may be completely impressed by a house filled with roses, a man would probably prefer an item that he can hold on to and use.

Think golf clubs rather than naming a star after him, and new slippers over a decorative knick knack.

2. Center It Around His Interests

If you plan to buy your father a functional gift, make sure it relates to something he likes. If he’s into sports, it might be tickets to a sporting event or a sports memorabilia.

If he loves gardening, gift him with a plant, say a flowering cactus or an evergreen with all season flowers. You can also present him a gardening outfit, a book on gardening, a hat or even a set of tools.

If he loves golf, a club of his dream brand will make him feel great. If he is a chess buff, there is wide variety of beautifully carved chess sets available.

3. Listen To What He Wants

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Most men usually come right out and say what they want. Their less-than-subtle attitude to gifts actually makes it easy to decide on a present. Instead of going out of your way to find a ‘surprise’, simply ask him what he wants.

The key is to pay attention and buy the item that HE wants, not the item that YOU want (or think he should have).

If he loves casual wear, buy him the type, color and brand he prefers. Or you may want to veer off to something more formal, like a tuxedo or leather wear – anything that appeals to him or will showcase his personality in the best light.

You can also buy him a ticket to the next football match of his favorite team. If he’s not a sports lover, what about a ticket to the theater or to a concert? Or you can buy him a set of DVD of movies that he loves to watch.

4. Make It Something Fun

While there are some fathers who will appreciate a practical gift, young fathers would often prefer gift that’s fun.

You can also prepare a special meal for Father’s Day, with all the family gathering around. That would surely make him feel good.

If it is a gift you are getting, the secret is finding something that he will not only use, but will enjoy using. So, don’t get something work related!

5. Generic “Token” Gift

If all else fail then the answer is always the generic token gift. Token gifts for fathers like the socks that you’ve given him every year, are regarded as low cost and low effort. It’s better to avoid such gifts as fathers play an important role in our lives, so don’t give him a gift you have in the closet, something you could give just anyone.

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Instead, think of a special accessory – a tie pin, watch band, pen holder, card holder, key ring or even a digital phone book. Add to the list a watch, wallet, pen, sunglasses or even a baseball cap featuring his favorite team’s logo.

6. Put Some Thought Into It

All fathers like to feel special and a thoughtful gift will make him feel loved and supported. What makes a gift thoughtful? It is something that your father wants and is interested in.

Alternatively, something you create yourself could be the perfect gift – a card, a picture you painted or even his favorite cookies.

If you are concerned about your father’s health, he will genuinely appreciate gifts that will help him feel better. So, how about a membership to the local gym or a book on how to achieve a healthier lifestyle?

Remember, it’s not the price or quality of the things you give him, but the love, care and respect you attach with them that will make him happy.

Finally, whatever you decide to get your father, always try to spend more time with him. This is the gift he will probably cherish the most.

Happy Father’s Day Dad… I love you!

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