Dieting And Lifestyle

You might have noticed that dieting has become an ongoing, every day, lifestyle activity that gets shoved in with work, home, and peer obligations. Without even noticing it has become one of the core elements of the majority of our daily lives.

Continual dieting has become a norm in society rather than a temporary thing that used to be done once in a while to fit into that dress or to get the figure back after a baby or illness. Dieting has become so common placed that it isn’t even mentioned, the trends are ignored, most of what comes out is bad advice and poorly researched materials and the issue while largely ignored still forms an underlying tense note in modern society.

When you ask yourself what dieting is all about the answer is simple, its about being in control, or being controlled or sometimes both? Modern life is losing the simplicity of former days and gaining a great deal of uncertainty.

Dieting And LifestyleIt seems that the more science learns and the more questions it answers the more uncertain existence becomes and the more tense society becomes. This is because humanity is always looking for easy answers. All these things can easily be expressed in the growing number of people who are over weight and the often failing attempts to correct the issues.

Society controls the thoughts of people’s self image, fashion, culture and attitudes towards both food and weight and as society changes people change by using diets in order to maintain the status quo that society sets.

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Even the illusion of control is better than nothing and most know that dieting is only a temporary fix to the underlying issue. But throwing hands in the air and giving up isn’t an option either.

Society doesn’t help the issue by maintaining that people who are overweight are only that way because of laziness or that they are bad people. That simply isn’t the case but the media and government have lead people to believe it and so it’s believed. There are always two sides to a story and that seems to be the case with dieting as well. On one side is the ever growing statement of how bad being over weight is, and how it is vital to maintain height and weight ratios. On the other hand you have the groups that are filled with healthy eating people who would be considered overweight by standards but are actually healthier than people maintaining the ratio. It boils down to doing what is best for you and being in control of your own body and life rather than being controlled by outside lifestyle influences.

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