I Bought A Tree!

Acacia SenegalI was contacted by Jeremiah via the contact form on the blogzine. He introduced to me his project dedicated to fighting climate change and poverty, called Tree Nation.

Via the website we can plant trees for ourselves or offer them to someone else. The trees will then be planted in a virtual map on the website AND in their real plantation in Niger. Eventually their goal is to plant 8 million trees in Africa in the shape of a huge heart!

I went to check out the website rightaway, and bought myself a tree! Click here to check out my tree. I name it Pokok Borzack, which in my native language Malay means Borzack’s Tree.

I’m calling out all green bloggers out there to support this cause.

Make our world green again!

Tree Nation

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2 Responses

  1. mayenskie says:

    it’s a great cause, hope many will participate. Kudos to you for making a difference!

  2. borzack says:

    Let’s shop for some trees people!

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