Public School Teachers & Students BlogCatalog Community Fundraising Challenge Event

DonorsChooseOne of the biggest topics is educational funding for public schools. There never seems to be enough to provide the ever-growing number of children what they need to learn properly. That is why organizations such as has gotten together with teachers and various Internet channels such as BlogCatalog, in order to help raise money to cover expenses and materials students may need.

Raising money for schools is especially important when the areas the schools are in are hit by natural disasters. This means the schools that already started out behind in materials are now even more behind. By donating money, time and materials to these schools you can help provide for the education of our children where public funding may already be stretched to its limit.

Children should not have to share textbooks in class because there is not enough to go around or be unable to do homework assignments properly because there are no books to take home. This is an ever-growing problem that has promoted organizations like to work with teachers and the Internet community to let people know what students need in their school. This is also a great way to actually see where your donation is going and see the fruit of it.

Do your part. Donate today!.

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  1. There is so much blogging going on. I really didn’t know how popular it was until a couple of months ago. Thanks for the info on the blogcatalog.

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