18 Ways To A Safe And Healthy Home

1. Keep your house dry. Moisture encourages mold growth. Always check your house for leaks.

2. Install exhaust fans in bathrooms to help remove moisture and to prevent mold growth.

3. Check water quality. You might want to consider getting a water filter to reduce your exposure to water pollutants.

4. To reduce your child’s exposure to dust mites, opt for stuffed toys that are washable.

5. Keep your home smoke-free, especially if you have children. Secondhand smoke is harmful to health.

6. Open the windows for some fresh air. This helps to reduce the concentration of chemicals and odors at home.

7. Remember to clean air conditioning filters. This will lower your exposure to allergens.

8. Use non-skid mats on bathroom floors to prevent slips and falls.

9. Always keep walkway clear of clutter to avoid tripping and falling.

10. Opt for non toxic household cleaning products. Use home made cleaners like baking soda and vinegar.

Non Toxic Cleaning Products

11. Keep potential poisons out of sight and reach of children. These include medication, detergents, pesticide and other chemical products.

12. Check houseplants for growth of mold on soil. Also keep poisonous plants out of reach of children and pets.

13. Keep your kitchen clean and you’re less likely to have pest problems like cockroaches.

14. Clean your cutting board thoroughly. To prevent cross contamination, use a different cutting board for raw meat products.

15. Clean germ infected surfaces regularly. Key surfaces include telephone receiver, remote control and door handles.

16. To keep dust mites at bay, cover mattresses and pillows with dust-proof or allergen-proof covers. Wash all bedding and blankets weekly.

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17. To avoid mold, do not leave wet clothes in the washing machine.

18. Use a damp cloth to wipe dust. Avoid using a dry cloth or duster as this spreads the dust.

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    One thing I have observed very closely is cockroaches in kitchen is very common. Could you please write an article on “How to Keep Kitchen free from Cockroaches”.


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