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Mental HealthMental health is not just about being in a happy state of mind. Your cognitive state of mind can influence your behavior, outlook on life and even relationships. It can affect how you respond to stress, the way you feel about yourself and even your physical health.

Just as positive mental health can promote a healthy lifestyle, mental impairment can be debilitating and in acute cases cause psychiatric hospitalization or even suicide if no action is taken.

Elements of good mental health

What are the factors that determine your mental health?

1. Your ability to enjoy life

Living in the moment instead of the past or the future makes you truly appreciate your life. You should have the abilitty to learn from the past mistakes instead of dwelling on things that had happened.

2. Self actualization

How confident and happy you feel with yourself has a lot to do with how much you feel you’ve achieved, using your talents and strengths. Recognizing and developing your strengths can keep away feelings of despair or helplessness.

3. Your resilience

Life is full of surprises and nasty shocks but your ability to cope is important for you to maintain your sanity and health. The ability to pick yourself up and move forward after a letdown or setback, and to do so with a sense or perspective will carry you far in life.

4. Your life balance

Work, family, friends and other pursuits might pull you in different directions, but the trick is to find a healthy balance and devote equal time to each. If work is affecting health or time with family, then it’s important to realize what your priorities are and make the most fitting choice.

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5. Flexibility

Being rigid and stubborn can alienate you from others apart from impairing your ability to deal with life changes. For good mental health, you should be able to modify your responses and tweak your expectations to deal with any problems that crop up.

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