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Moms Stress Busters

Stressed MotherWe know that the formula E = mc2 is a fact. But do you know that this formula ‘Motherhood = Stress’ is also a fact? I’m sure if you ask any mother she would have agreed. Reducing stress is of the utmost importance to mothers. If it’s not handled correctly, stress can have a negative impact not only to mothers but also to their child.

So dear mothers, here are some tips to de-stress yourselves:

Call your close friend – instead of releasing your frustrations on your husband or your child, pick up the phone and speak to a close friend. Speaking to a friend is often de-stressing and you will find by the end of the phone call some of your anger would have dissipated.

Take a break (have a KitKat!) – allow yourself some alone time. Use it to focus exclusively on you. Ask you husband to take the children out for a few hours while you enjoy your alone time. Relax, read, sleep, watch movie… do absolutely nothing! Enjoy your solitude.

Eat something – studies show that certain foods can help reduce stress. Carbohydrates will actually soothe you. Experts say the carbs present in just one baked potato or a cup of spaghetti is enough to relieve the effects of a stressful day.

Play – Adults especially busy moms often forget the beneficial effects of play. Play stimulates our imagination, boost energy, encourage creativity and best of all, is fun. Play online games or invite friends over for an evening of adult board games.

Meditate – Meditation has been proven to reduce blood pressure and stress levels. It will help you keep in touch with your spiritual side.

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Take a nap – Even a short ‘power nap’ can leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and more focused.

To all mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day! And especially to my mom, I LOVE YOU!

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