Do You Feed Your Blog With Healthy Blog Food?

We need food to grow. We nourish our body with healthy food (sometimes unhealthy too!) to fulfill that needs. Blogs are similar to our body. It needs healthy blog ‘food’ to grow. Blog foods such as exposure, popularity, traffic, good contents, linkbacks and so on are essential.

Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine is new. It’s almost just two month old. It needs all the necessary blog foods in order for it to grow. As the author, I’m trying my best to feed Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine with healthy blog foods. Here’s what I’ve done (please correct me if these are considered bad foods!)

  1. Post article every other day.
  2. Exchange links with health related blogs.
  3. Give some exposure through traffic exchange sites (BlogMad & BlogSoldiers)
  4. Paid for healthy targeted traffic at ClixSense.
  5. Sponsor a ‘What do you think of Organic Products?‘ contest (hmmm… nobody’s participated until now though, maybe I should sponsor a BMW lol!)
  6. Joined various online communities (BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog, OthersOnline, Squidoo etc) You can join my communities/groups as well if you want πŸ™‚
  7. Add a few ‘vote for me’ buttons (visitors can vote for Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine if they find it useful or interesting or for whatever reasons, through SpicyPage, Blogger’s Choice Award, and BlogMad VARB)
  8. Submit to blog directories (Blog Directory, BlogFlux, Blogarama, Bloggernity, Globe Of Blogs etc)
  9. Add a Add to Technorati Favorites button (not favorited by many so far, I guess I’ve to work harder!)
  10. Prayed that Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine will get a good PageRank soon (I’m hopeless aren’t I? lol!)

If you have suggestions and comments, feel free to teach me a thing or two.

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Much thanks. Cheers πŸ™‚

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  1. Bobby Revell says:

    I think My Blog log and Blog Catalog will end up gaining you a ton of readers. I had a minor in nutrition in college and managed a health food store for a few years.
    You have a great site here.

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