Meditate To Save Your Life

Meditation can be described as a continued, undisturbed awareness of the mind. It involves the overcoming of distractions and dissipated energies into a blissful awareness. It teaches us to be a ‘witness’.

People who meditates realize that they experience a beautiful inner space as they disengage from the outside world and go deep into themselves. They get detached from their ego and the emotional bondage to experience this feeling.


Meditation helps us overcome our manifold desires and distractions. It does so not by curbing desires – which will always be there – but by rendering them inconsequential in front of an unbroken and larger desire of existence. The more we hold onto the memory of the meditation practice, the easier it is to pull ourselves back from the endless desires.For successful meditation, we must be ‘grounded’. Grounding is the anchor that helps us to be stable in the meditative process. Normally, grounding can be anchoring to your breath or your body movement while in the meditative state. It can happen that as you proceed in meditation, you reach a state of unknown where you have no confidence to proceed further. At such a time, grounding is of great help as it provides a memory of where you are and what you are doing. It provides a stability to rest upon as energies start to change while proceeding in meditation.

Different cultures have different meditation techniques, but one thing is certain – meditation is universal. The different techniques are suited to different personality types. While some techniques are concentrative, involving focusing, other techniques are expansive such as Vipassana meditation which allows for the free flow of thoughts and their observation.

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Meditation can improve your health, increase energy levels and maximize your enjoyment of life. Without a doubt, more people would benefit from meditation if they took the time to practice the simple exercises used to calm the mind, reduce stress and increase energy levels.

Unfortunately we do not walk through the world as children do. We all face difficult and stressful situations throughout the course of life. But rather than beginning each day afresh, we tend to gather the world and carry the negativity of the past with us. The happy and contented person we were becomes covered by these emotions. Suddenly we feel unhappy and dissatisfied, and even worse; often the process is so subtle, we wouldn’t know why.

Meditation is a way of cutting through those layers of past emotion and excessive thinking. Instead of our minds and bodies being at the mercy of life, we should take control. We focus the attention in a deliberate way, and slowly see the false layers of ourselves begin to dissolve as we return once again to the source of our happiness.

Always keep an open mind in your learning. Never accept a teaching without verifying the truth of it in your own experience. On the other hand, reserve making judgment in advance of having the experience for yourself.

The best style of meditation is the one that feels right for you. There are many different systems of meditation including, but not limited to Concentration, Mindfulness, Zen, Visualization and Devotion. You may decide to experiment with a few different styles and see how they feel. Find one or two styles that you like and then major in those. Above all, pay attention to yourself and make sure your meditation feels right for you.

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  2. Life is so blessed and wonderful with all that stuff. I am wondering who is not doing that.

  3. I once saw the most bitter battle between a yoga instructor and some of her former students. They were suing and counter suing each other and distributing pamphlets and setting up websites, it was the most amazing thing. Not much peace there.

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