April 22 is Earth Day

Earth DayOur beautiful planet is suffering and we are causing it on a global level. Let’s try to ease the burden by learning about causes and taking an active role in the solutions for saving the planet. We’re releasing heat trapping gases into the atmosphere and that has thrown a heat blanket around the planet. This has caused increasingly severe storms and droughts, glaciers to melt, rising seas, changes in weather patterns and new diseases.

The more we use fossil fuels for our automobiles, power plants and cut down forests, the more we damage our environment. We pollute our enchanting oceans and destroy the undersea world. We are global citizens and we have an obligation and duty to respect the place we live; if we can do this for our homes, why not our planet. In fact the best place to start is at home. Let’s take a hand in our future not just for ourselves but for our descendants to come. Lets grow in awareness, learn and act. Each worthwhile dream becomes a reality by taking the first small step. After that it becomes easier.

Keep the earth green!

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