Tips For Storing Your Medication

Medication Storage

To avoid medication from losing their efficacy, one should store it properly in the first place. Storing your medication properly ensure longer shelf life.

Medication Storage Place

  • A cool, dry and away from sunlight is always a good place to store your medication.
  • Try to avoid storing your medication in places that are exposed to high moisture and heat, which reduces the potency of the medication. The bathroom and kitchen is not a good place to store your medication.
  • Some medication need to be refrigerated. Always check the label of your medication for storage instructions.
  • Also check your medication storage areas twice a year for expired medications.

Labeling Reminders

  • Do not play mix and match. Always keep each medication in a separate container. Mixing different medication in the same container may cause unwanted interaction. This may be dangerous. You might also take the wrong medication!
  • Keep medication in their original containers This will prevent incidents of wrong dosage
  • If you must use a different container to store your medication, make sure that it is labeled correctly.
  • Be alert on the expiry date. You can always highlight the expiry date on the labels for easy checking.
  • Do not keep your expired medication. Discard them!

Child Safety

It’s very important to take preventive steps to avoid accidental poisonings if you have children in your house.

  • Keep your medication out of the reach of children. It’s better to lock your medication storage area at all times.
  • It’s also advisable to use containers with child-resistant caps to store your medication.
  • Do not mislead your children into telling that medication is candy!
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