Meratol – Best Selling Weight Loss Product Of 2011?

Increased metabolism. Weaker appetite. Lesser carbohydrate intake. Burn more calories. Fitness trainers and doctors could not drive home enough these four ways to lose weight. Alas, these are all easier said than done. In a fast-paced world, you are sure not to accomplish all these. You cannot be expected to just throw away your restaurant

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

Many obese people fail to follow a rigid diet no matter how desperate they are in losing weight. But losing weight should not be completely based on a strict diet. Follow these practical tips to curb your appetite and enjoy your diet foods without gaining extra pounds. Take More Time to Sleep It is possible

Healthy Breakfast Ideas And Tips

Breakfast is important, not just as the first food of the day.  Studies have found that when you eat breakfast, you are less likely to be obese or develop diabetes, and that what you eat for breakfast influences your food choices all day. Eating breakfast every day is a single action that can have a

Medifast Diet Plan

With all the fuss going around about weight loss and dieting, many diet plans have surfaced and many have also either succeeded or failed in their claims.  The Medifast program is one of such programs that is not so new at all; it was launched 27 years ago as a meal replacement program that could

Why Your Diets Fail

There are many reasons for failure to maintain a diet, here’s the list of the four most common.

Recreating The Effects Of A Health Spa At Home

What Stress Does To You Modern lifestyles can play havoc with our health and good looks. Few things undermine our sense of well being more than too much stress. Feeling rushed and frazzled most of the time slowly depletes our energy reserves so we are tired even before the day has begun. Relying on cups