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Healthy Food For the Heart

Eat Right To Beat Right – 15 Heart Healthy Foods

The perfect heart-healthy diet addresses heart disease in all its forms. Risk factors that affect the heart are numerous, including hypertension, inflammation, and high levels of cholesterol. Cutting down on saturated fat may help...

Understanding Sarcoidosis

Understanding Sarcoidosis

Sarcoidosis was once thought to be a rare disease. Even now, when it is widely known that it actually affects tens of thousands of individuals, not many people understand the disease. Some who even...

10 Common Medical Myths Debunked

10 Common Medical Myths Debunked

We all remember our mothers’ favorite warnings and their silly superstitions about our health.  Even in this day and age of free-flowing information on the internet, myths still abound, and perhaps their continued existence...

Bad Debts

Unhealthy Living With Debts

Nowadays, financial crisis has been a major problem throughout the world due to the decline of economic status. One way to save people’s bills or satisfaction is debt. But are debts really helpful? A...

Woman taking pills and medication

Diuretics 101

Diuretic is a drug or substance that increases urine secretion. Prescription drugs, natural and herbal medicines, and certain foods can be a variety of diuretics. Diuretics are very essential in the treatment of certain...