Natuslim Complete Weight Loss Plan

Fast foods, restaurants, and other unhealthy snacks are accessible for all people today that makes this world an overweight world. There will come a time when the world will be tired carrying all these overweight people. Being overweight has a lot of bad effects not only physically, but also for the overall wellbeing of an

Biggest Loser’s Jilian Michaels Lawsuit Over Fraud Weight Loss Diet Pills

A lawsuit is being filed against The Biggest Loser trainer, Jillian Michaels over fraud weight loss diet pills, Quickstart.

Risk Of Diet Lack In Fiber

Are you at risk? Find out the dreadful warning signs if you are at risk and protect your health. Is your diet lack fruits, vegetable, and whole grains? If you answer is yes, you may not getting all the fiber you need. This will increase your risk of having many kinds of illnesses like heart

5 Alternative Appetite Quenchers – Suppress Your Cravings!

Losing weight is almost immediately connected to feeling hungry. This is the reality that people who are trying to shell out some pounds need to be aware of. It’s not a light switch that you can easily turn off whenever those hunger pangs and food cravings begin festering your thoughts. While there are strategies that

Living A Healthy Lifestyle Post-Hysterectomy

These days, the level of stress and pollution in our midst necessitates living a healthy lifestyle just to keep up, what more if you just had a major surgery like hysterectomy. Post-hysterectomy, health concerns such as weight gain, irritability and not being able to sleep well might suddenly become an issue. Fortunately, a regular regimen

9 Stomach Myths And Facts

All of us have had our share of oftentimes inconvenient, sometimes embarrassing, and rarely serious tummy troubles.  When you indulge in your favorite food you may get a burning and churning sensation in your stomach.  After a really heavy meal, you feel so bloated that your pants are close to exploding.  Or you experience gassiness

How To Curb Your Sugar Cravings And Snacking Urges

By Miss T It’s a weakness most of us give in to everyday.  It’s a weakness we are not proud of, something we promise ourselves we’ll avoid day in and day out, but one that we break every time.  Then we keep telling ourselves, tomorrow will be better; tomorrow will be different.  But mere willpower

Why Your Diets Fail

There are many reasons for failure to maintain a diet, here’s the list of the four most common.

Middle Aged Women Can Still Get In Shape

By Greg Crawford You may have been that young thin girl that could eat whatever she wanted and not exercise, but as the years go by and the birthdays tick away, and you enter that dreaded ‘middle age’, changes start happening.   When the body begins to age, hormone levels maybe more volatile than the stock

Donate by Losing Weight: A Fun-Racing Event by Fresh Air Fund

Mind sharing to charity by shedding off some weight? Yes! It is possible to get rid of your flabby abs and shed those extra pounds on your body while at the same time help children from disadvantaged communities in New York City by joining the Fresh Air Fund-Racer Team’s event dubbed as “New York City

Fat Binders Or Appetite Suppressants – Which Offer Better Weight Loss Benefits?

The list of diet supplements and weight loss supplements that are available in the market is endless.  You can choose among fat binders, fat blockers, appetite suppressants, colon cleansers, body detoxifiers, and many others.  With so many varieties to choose from, the most important question when considering a diet or weight loss supplement is which