8 Simple Nutrition Rules You Should Stick To

nutrient dense foods

A lot has been said about what you should eat and reasons for doing so but you can whittle them down to eight.

Celebrity BMIs – Numbers Can Be Misleading

Celebrity BMIs

BMI is not a perfect method for judging someone’s weight because it only measures body fats and does not differentiate it from muscles.

Secret Weapons To Bodybuilding And Weight Loss

Weight loss

Just because they are no longer relevant does not mean these supplements are any less effective or safe. If anything, they hold more value for your hard-earned money.

Skinny Kate Middleton – Icon Of Brideorexia

Skinny Kate Middleton Diet

In the run-up to her historic April 29 wedding to Prince William, Kate Middleton dramatically lost weight, unwittingly reinforced “brideorexia” in the minds of brides-to-be the world over.

Ways To Look Great For Swimsuit Season

Swimsuit Season

Is your body ready for swimsuit season? Listed are beauty tips to help you look great for swimsuit season.

Diet Plans 101 – Part 2


Presented here is Part 2 of the Diet Plans 101 series.

Celebrities Who Lost and Gained Weight Over The Years

Take a look at some of the most meteoric morphing successes and failures in show-business!

Top 20 Most Out-Of-Shape Cities In The USA

Unhealthy Overweight Americans

Top 20 cities with the most unfit people in America.

How To Lose Weight Effectively With Phen375

Lose weight with Phen375

Explanation on how to lose unwanted fat effectively with Phen375.

Phen375 Effectiveness – The Importance Of Following Instructions

Phen375 Diet Plan

In order for any diet plan to work, you have to follow it 100% not just 80%or 90%.

Phen375 Studies And Clinical Trial

Phen375 Clinical Trials

Information on studies and clinical trials done on subjects related to the exceptional fat burning diet pill Phen375.