Public Smoking Bans In America

Ban smoking

List of American states where smoking bans are in effect statewide.

Indirect Causes Of Weight Gain

Worry Of Weight Gain

Besides food consumption, other factors like drugs and health condition could contribute to your weight gain without you noticing it.

How A Healthy Lifestyle Affects College Student’s Academic Performance

Students Sleeping During A Lecture

Health is a major factor that affects our performance in work or school. Lack of sleep, high alcohol intake, cigarette smoking, substance abuse, and sedentary lifestyle will prevent students from performing at their full potential.

Human Anatomy – Lungs

No human being could survive without breathing air. To be able to do that, everyone is equipped from birth with two organs known as the lungs. Air travels to each lungs through the trachea or windpipe, and then through a pair of large tubes called the bronchi. The bronchus goes inside the lung, where it

Simple Ways To Improve Your Health This Year

Excessive sweating during exercise

You can be healthier, feel younger, more energized, and more confident by not smoking, eating healthier, getting adequate sleep and exercising.

5 Ways To Make Indoor Air Quality Better

When we think of air pollution, we tend to think of the pollution and smog outdoors.  But the air in our homes, workplaces, and inside other buildings can contain more pollutants than the air outside.  Lead that gets into household dust, radon, formaldehyde, fire-retardant chemicals, and even unstable chemicals used as scents in cleaning products

Women, Don’t Lie About Your Health To The Doctor

Everybody lies. Whether it’s a white lie, a lie by omission, or a lie by exaggeration, women lie for different reasons.  We tell lies to our mothers, our partners, our friends.  But the one person we should not ever lie to is our doctor.  Even the smallest fib or the most innocent half-truth can have

Make This Your Final Smoke – This Time Quit Smoking Is Final!

My mother smokes. I grew up seeing and smelling her smoke. Contrary to what others believe, living and growing up with a smoker did not make one. As a matter of fact, it made me want to avoid being a smoker myself. Yes, I did try it once and I really didn’t like it. Looking

Fascinating Cigarette Smoking Facts

When cigarettes were first introduced, smoking was advertised as a cool, sexy, enjoyable, and healthy habit.  Movie stars and athletes always had a lit cigarette in their hands.  The television was filled with cigarette ads.  Over the last century, the world has dramatically changed its once clouded view.  It is now well-known that smoking is

Top 10 Unhealthy Habits To Break

While some of our bad habits can be totally harmless, some can pose serious health risks.

Get That Cold Gone In 12 Hours

Common Cold Remedies

Colds can eventually turn into more serious conditions like sinusitis, chest infections or ear infections. Before the cold gets out of hand, there are a few things you can do to get it off you.