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Vitamin C As Disease Therapy

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbate, is a major antioxidant component of our daily diet. Antioxidants like vitamin C are essential in an environmental where the disease processes almost invariably involve free-radical attacks, which only antioxidants can modify. One reason why vitamin C therapy has been so controversial is the fact that it does not


Wellington: They say you are what you eat, and growing numbers of vegans are shunning sex with meat-eaters because they see them as ‘a graveyard for animals’. New Zealand group of vegans claim meat eaters’ bodies are made up of animal carcasses, Annie Potts, co-director of the New Zealand Centre of Human and Animal Studies

BlogCatalog Community Organ Donation Awareness Campaign

Patty Grasso, a recipient of a kidney and pancreas transplant lives by the philosophy, “Life is beautiful pass it on.” This is just one story among thousands of recipients of organ donations who have been given a second chance at life. Most recipients tell their story with a smile and a tear in their eye.

Public School Teachers & Students BlogCatalog Community Fundraising Challenge Event

One of the biggest topics is educational funding for public schools. There never seems to be enough to provide the ever-growing number of children what they need to learn properly. That is why organizations such as has gotten together with teachers and various Internet channels such as BlogCatalog, in order to help raise money

Testing Risk Of Heart Attack And Stroke

An inexpensive blood test may identify which heart disease patients are at the highest risk of a stroke or heart attack, allowing for more aggressive ways to help them, a study reported recently. “We are good at diagnosing heart disease,” said Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, of the University of California-San Francisco, the study’s lead author. “But we’re

Grape Seed Extract Can Prevent Skin Cancer

Chemicals found in grape seeds may help ward off skin cancer due to regular exposure to the sun, according to the results of an animal study reported in Chicago at the recent 223rd annual meeting of the American Chemical Society.Researchers from the University of Alabama, Birmingham, exposed hairless mice to ultraviolet light. Some of the

Antioxidant Goodness Of Cloudier Apple Juice

  When it comes to apple juice, ‘cloudier’ may mean healthier, according to a recent study published.In a head-to-head comparison of apple juices, Polish researchers found that pulpy, non-clarified juice carried a greater antioxidant punch than clear juice.Antioxidants are compounds that neutralize free radicals, molecules that can damage body cells and contribute to disease. Unlike

Walking On Stones To Lower Blood Pressure

The path to better health and lower blood pressure may be paved with cobblestones. When people over 60 walked on smooth, rounded cobblestones for just a half-hour a day over four months, they significantly lowered their blood pressure and improved their balance, a study showed. Behavioral researchers from the Oregon Research Institute investigated the health

Targeted Exercise May Prevent Hip Fractures

Exercise that targets a weak region of the hipbone may help prevent fractures, but simple walking will not, new research indicates. As people age, the outer cortical layer of bone in a particular region the hipbone or upper femur become thinner, making the hip more prone to fracture, according to the report in The Lancet

Can Frying Be Healthy?

Fried food is unhealthy. Cooking food by deep-frying or using a lot of oil increases the fat content in the food.