Fighting Insomnia The Natural Way

fight insomnia the natural way

In order to fight insomnia the use of natural sleeping aids are very helpful, which will help you fall asleep and stay asleep without the need for prescribed medication.

10 Most Common Dreams And Their Meanings

dream about being chased

Dreams could reveal something you are subconsciously or unwittingly doing in your waking days. Here is the experts’ take on a few of the most common dreams and what they could possibly mean.

Indirect Causes Of Weight Gain

Worry Of Weight Gain

Besides food consumption, other factors like drugs and health condition could contribute to your weight gain without you noticing it.

How To Help Your Autistic Child To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

A few months after birth, babies ease into more and more normal cycles of sleep and wakefulness; the number of daytime naps are reduced and sleeping at night becomes longer as a result. Some children, however, continue to have sleeping problems, especially once they start school. Children with autism are more prone to sleep disorders;

Stop Snoring With SnoreZip

Anyone, young or old, can snore. It is estimated that 45% of men and 30% of women snore regularly. However, when snoring grows loud and tends to be more frequent, it could become a source of health problem and annoyance to both the snorers and those whom they sleep with. There are numerous anti-snoring products

The Great Escape – Ways To Have A Stress Free Vacation

Are you planning for a vacation? Then be prepared and leave your worries before you take a flight. Who wouldn’t want a perfect getaway? So before you pack your bags, prepare yourself. Here are some of the problems encountered when having a vacation. Wanted: Vehicles for Transportation What would you prefer, a car, truck, bus,

How A Healthy Lifestyle Affects College Student’s Academic Performance

Students Sleeping During A Lecture

Health is a major factor that affects our performance in work or school. Lack of sleep, high alcohol intake, cigarette smoking, substance abuse, and sedentary lifestyle will prevent students from performing at their full potential.

5 Uncommon Causes Of Weight Gain

You indulge in a diet of fast food, luscious desserts, alcoholic beverages, and sweet sodas, you gain weight.  You eat more calories than you actually burn, you gain weight.  Weight gain is a simple science.  You decide to live a healthy lifestyle, to exercise regularly and to control your calorie intake.  But you still gain

Simple Ways To Improve Your Health This Year

Excessive sweating during exercise

You can be healthier, feel younger, more energized, and more confident by not smoking, eating healthier, getting adequate sleep and exercising.

Shirodhara – Rejuvenate Yourself Through Ayurveda

If you are a person who is used to getting a good night’s sleep every night, finding yourself on the other side of the world can cause chaos to your normal sleeping habits and the effects can last even after you’ve come back to your own time zone.  You will often feel grouchy, tired, restless,

Parasomnias – Types Of Sleep Disorders

Parasomnias or sleep disorders are disruptive disorders that can occur during arousals from REM (rapid eye movement) sleep or partial arousals from Non-REM sleep. Parasomnias often include somnambulism or sleepwalking, nightmares, night terrors, confusional arousals and many others. Types of Parasomnias Nightmares Nightmares are vivid nocturnal events that cause feelings of fear and terror, with