Juices For Ailment – Menstrual Problems

Foods To Eat All fruit and vegetable juice and fibre, fennel, garlic, soy, beets and celery. Juice #1 5 large kale leaves 3 carrots 1 orange This combination is muddy to look at but extremely magnificent to taste. Energy Detox Immunity Digestion Skin Juice #2 3 oranges 2 sticks celery 1/4 fennel bulb The saltiness

Detox For Better Health

Toxic substances are everywhere. They are found in the air we breathe, the food that we eat and the water that we drink. Microbes in our intestines are known to produce toxins. The health of an individual is largely determined by the ability of the body to detoxify. Our body has a host of methods

Vegetarian Yogic Food For Body And Mind

If you enjoy eating fresh, wholesome foods, The Yoga Cookbook: Vegetarian Food for Body and Mind offers plenty of ideas on healthy cooking. In yogic cooking, food does more than nourish the body. A wholesome diet affects the mind, as well as, the prana (energy). Besides supplying energy and strength, the yogic diet aims to