Alcohol Abuse Among Teens

Although common among teens, drinking alcohol is harmful and improper, and can be damaging and even fatal when taken in large amount.

Common Mistakes Parents Of Teens Should Avoid

Know what are the common teen parenting mistakes and how to avoid them as you guide your teens in their most difficult developmental stage.

How To Make Your Children Resistant To Peer Pressure

Managing Your Teenage Child

Who are the kids that are most vulnerable to peer pressure? What are the types of peer pressure affecting teens and what parents can do to help them cope with it?

The Best Nontoxic Start For Your Baby

Baby's room

Consider the nursery, where your baby will spend the largest percentage of his or her time, and look at the recommendations for giving your baby the healthiest possible start.

Hard Headed Youngsters – Minimized!

Teenager arguing with his mother

Is your teen getting into your nerves? Tame them with these child friendly techniques.

Autism And Your Child In School

A child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), like Asperger’s syndrome for example, will have difficulties thriving in the classroom. The child will also tend to have behavioral problems because he won’t be able to communicate well. Autism creates a troublesome situation not just for the child, but also for the teachers and the parents. There

Enuresis – The Truth About Bedwetting

It is normal for children to experience bedwetting up to five years of age. Some still experiences bedwetting in the later years of life and this is an upsetting situation. Bedwetting is not really a major problem but it causes emotional tension to the parents and child involved. Most children who experience bedwetting in the

How To Help Your Autistic Child To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

A few months after birth, babies ease into more and more normal cycles of sleep and wakefulness; the number of daytime naps are reduced and sleeping at night becomes longer as a result. Some children, however, continue to have sleeping problems, especially once they start school. Children with autism are more prone to sleep disorders;

Treating Autism With Gluten and Casein Free Diet

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) affect the communication and social abilities  of children. The symptoms of these developmental disorders can be remedied by alternative treatments like a special diet. Gluten-free or casein-free diet is increasingly becoming a part of the treatment protocol for autism. Children who are given gluten-free foods regularly have reportedly shown improvements in

Becoming Parents – 6 Tips To Get Started

Having a first baby is such a treasure to couples. But taking care of a baby is not a simple task. Newborns are fragile. Extra care should be rendered by providing their needs well. Becoming first time parents can be stressful. You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle by overcoming stress as new parents. Here

The Great Escape – Ways To Have A Stress Free Vacation

Are you planning for a vacation? Then be prepared and leave your worries before you take a flight. Who wouldn’t want a perfect getaway? So before you pack your bags, prepare yourself. Here are some of the problems encountered when having a vacation. Wanted: Vehicles for Transportation What would you prefer, a car, truck, bus,