Investing In Cord Blood – Public or Private

Cord blood banking - Stem Cells

Little do parents know they can make a difference to other people by donating their newborn baby’s umbilical cord.

How Television Effects Preschoolers

How Television Effects Preschoolers and Children

Some parents are blaming television on the continuous decrease of their children’s competency.

How To Avoid Your Children From Becoming A Slave To Modern Technology

Children busy with gadgets

We cannot live without technology but make sure you set a limit on its usage and use it in a right way.

Family Dinners – Extinction Of A Family Tradition

Family having dinner

The fast-paced evolution of the world has affected the tradition of having family dinners and abolished it. Sad but true, families today are falling apart!

Keeping Out Of Back To School Sickness

Kids with dirty hands and germs

Follow these tips if you want yourself and your kids to start the new academic year without a runny nose or an itch in the throat.

8 Tips For Better Term Routine For The Kids

A mother helping kids with homework

School children live on routine. As they grow, they need their parents to set boundaries to reckon with. Listed are tips that would help them get back into the daily drill of life.

Ways To Prepare Your Kids Back To School

Prepare kids back to school

Every child adjusts to school in his or her own time. What’s important is that you make your presence and support felt by your children during this period of adjustment.

SitterCity – Metropolis Of Trusted Caregivers, Visiting Nurses, Sitters And Nannies


Sittercity makes it quick and easy to connect with qualified sitters and nannies. Parents can get to know candidates before the first interview thanks to detailed profiles, references, background checks and reviews.

Save Your Teen From Cough Medicine Addiction And Drug Abuse

Teen Drug Abuse

Information for parents on how to determine if their teens are abusing cough medicine and the the possibility of drug abuse.

Saying NO To Drugs

Say NO To Drugs

Parents should emphasize to their teens why they must take a firm stand against illegal drugs. For those who want to raise drug-free teen, here’s the guidelines on doing so.

DXM Abuse Among Teens – Deadly Syrup

DMX Abuse - Cough Syrup

DXM abuse has been around for quite a long time, but its prevalence is alarming, especially among teenagers.