Worst And Evil Ingredients In Food

Worst food ingredients

List of food ingredients that should be avoided like the plague, for they really can bring a plague!

Weight Loss Wonder With Wonder Brew Tava Tea

If you could lose weight effortlessly, painlessly and without having to ingest tons of weight loss pills and so-called diet capsules nor starve yourself to the point of anorexia, you would do it, right? Sure you would! The fact is, whether your weight loss goal is as small as the “last 5 pounds” or as

Goodbye Acai Berry, Hello Ultimate Maqui Berry!

These days it is not just all about cellulite, saddle bag thighs or weight loss pills and diets, but a holistic approach to overall well being and good health. That is why people now have a growing concern for toxicity levels, harmful free radicals, detoxification, yoga, just to name a few. Still, many people fall

Pure Acai Berry Max – The Most Potent Acai Berry Weight Loss Solution

There is no dearth of weight loss pills available in the market and none will be found wanting when it comes to out class the other with claims of their product being superior to the rest. In fact, it can be confusing to say the least for anyone who’s looking for a diet pill to

A Healthier You With Safer Foods

Pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics in our food supply have raised concerns. Better methods of testing enable scientists to keep track of these various chemicals in food and our bodies.  They are present in tiny amounts, but the mere fact they’re there worries people. Many kinds of lab-synthesized chemicals are used in food production today, and

Saving Your Part Of The Earth

As you sit on your beautiful and sophisticated sofa, you may think how good life can be and how clean it maybe. However, spare sometime to see the toxic junk that have placed in the corner of your basement and garage. As we all know, those small scale of wastes that you see today probably

Your Organic Food Might Not Be Organic After All!

Imitation is the worst form of flattery when it comes to matters of food. Many imitations that are made in this industry are primarily built on making money. Gone are the days that an organic seal used to be a pointer to high quality food. With the entrance of big corporate companies into the scene,

10 Under $1 Cheap Healthy Food

Everything is expensive nowadays; even your health is expensive.  In 2007, food prices increased by 4%; this increase is the highest since 1990.  The increases just don’t stop.  The reason for these increases is the skyrocketing prices of oil as well as the role bio-fuels have in food price increase. Fortunately, there are actually ways

The End Of The Diet Pills War

This is the beginning of what we might consider a diet pill war which will probably go on and on in an attempt to successfully dislodge Proactol from its envied position.  However, no matter what else comes out of the search for the perfect diet pill, none will come close to what Proactol has to

Diet Pills War – Proactol vs Hoodia

The market is swamped by hundreds of diet supplements that claim to do everything.  After carefully going through the leading products in the market, two products kept on making the ‘effective’ list; Proactol and the natural appetite suppressant, Hoodia. Proactol has many benefits because it was derived from the cactus Optunia ficus-indica.  Clinical studies have

Diet Pills War – Proactol vs Acai Berry

The market is now swamped with diet pills of all kinds, sizes, preparations, and claims.  There is virtually no way of knowing which of these natural diet pills actually work and which can be beneficial to our bodies. The only way to end the confusion with diet pills is to compare all the leading brands