7 Practices To Help You Prevent Plaque

Flossing can help prevent plaque buildup

Listed are some practices that can help you do away with plaque.

Plaque And Gingivitis – Not Just Dental Problems

Dental Checkup

Plaque and gingivitis could be associated with several diseases, may possibly have far-reaching consequences, i.e. heart failure and even dementia!

Idol Lips – Plumper Lips Without Injectables or Implants

You have probably heard of horror stories from people who underwent lip augmentation surgery or filler injection. Achieving voluminous lips does not have to be risky and expensive. If the lip implant is too long or does not fit the curvature of lips, infection or irritation may develop. The body may also react negatively to

Human Anatomy – Tongue

Human Anatomy – Tongue

Human Anatomy – Tonsils

Human Anatomy – Tonsils

Human Anatomy – Teeth

Human Anatomy – Teeth

Dental White from Smile 4 You – Clinically Proven Dental Grade Teeth Whitening Kit

Shining white teeth that glitter like pearls and add sparkle to your smile – or so the makers of a teeth whitening kit – Smile 4 You would like us to believe is possible to achieve. Smile 4 You is not the only one to pamper us with a teeth whitening kit nor is it

12 Embarrassing Body Problems

Stinky Feet Our feet have their share of normal bacteria, which produce stinky sulfurous odor when they come into contact with moisture from socks and shoes or when your feet become sweaty.  The solution is to always keep your feet dry.  Your socks should be made of absorbent cotton and your shoes from breathable materials,

Good News For People With Smiles That “Bite”

As an advocate of regular dental care, 1-800-DENTIST® understands that many people can’t afford the dentistry they need. That’s why the nation’s leading free resource for consumers in search of a dentist has launched a nationwide $30,000 smile makeover contest called “My Smile Bites”. To enter, contestants must upload a personal video showing what’s wrong

Making Your Breath Fresher Than a Sea Breeze

When it comes to bad breath, most of us have a story to tell. You ever had an acquaintance whose breath could make you eye twitch. You hold your breath for so long to avoid inhaling the unpleasant smell emanating from their mouths since looking away would be rude. If that is you or a

How To Manage Your Body’s Embarrassing Problems

It often happens at the worst possible moment.  You’ve always thought that you have full control of your bodily functions, but sometimes, your body just has a mind of its own.   At those times when you need to be at your best, that’s when your body decides to embarrass you. From the simple ill-timed yawns