Treating Autism With Gluten and Casein Free Diet

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) affect the communication and social abilities  of children. The symptoms of these developmental disorders can be remedied by alternative treatments like a special diet. Gluten-free or casein-free diet is increasingly becoming a part of the treatment protocol for autism. Children who are given gluten-free foods regularly have reportedly shown improvements in

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

Many obese people fail to follow a rigid diet no matter how desperate they are in losing weight. But losing weight should not be completely based on a strict diet. Follow these practical tips to curb your appetite and enjoy your diet foods without gaining extra pounds. Take More Time to Sleep It is possible

Beverages And Weight Loss

Dieting is not only about foods. You should also choose what to drink. This is an important part of weight loss regimen especially among Americans who get one fifth of their daily calories from beverages. Drinking the right beverages can improve your metabolism, prevent food cravings and reduce calorie intake. Take note of the following

Unhealthy Foods That Are Wrongly Deemed Healthy

Beware of convenient or processed foods that you think are healthy, for some of them can ruin a balanced diet. Here is a list of foods that are wrongly deemed healthy or harmless by many. Smoothies The sugar content of most commercially-made smoothies can reach as much as 80 grams. These smoothies contain 350 calories

Thanksgiving With Less Stuffing On The Waist!

Your Thanksgiving routine never changes from one year to the next.  You over-indulge in turkey and gravy and a freshly baked pie.  Then you collapse on the couch feeling so stuffed you just want to take doze off for a few minutes.  To top off the holiday, you watch a few games of football on

10 Best And Worst Fast-Food Sandwiches

Unless you know the nutritional impact of the sandwiches you’re ordering, you are likely to exceed your calorie limits when you eat at fast food restaurants. Take a look at the list below to know the nutritional profile of the sandwiches offered by popular fast food chains and restaurants. You’ll know which sandwiches have the

7 Bad Foods That’s Surprisingly Good For Weight Control

Delicious foods are often the ones excluded from weight-reducing diet. Most of them are high in saturated fat, sodium or preservatives. However, some foods that suffer from bad reputation among dieters can actually aid in weight loss directly or indirectly. Nuts Although they contain much fat, nuts are healthy foods. They have high amount of

Amazing Tips And Foods For Fiber Lovers

Most experts recommend a dietary intake of at least 25 grams of fiber every day on 2,000 calorie diet. How can we possibly eat that much? Fiber has many beneficial effects on our health. Fiber does not only lower cholesterol level in the body but it also help in weight loss management. The most effective

Weight Loss Wonder With Wonder Brew Tava Tea

If you could lose weight effortlessly, painlessly and without having to ingest tons of weight loss pills and so-called diet capsules nor starve yourself to the point of anorexia, you would do it, right? Sure you would! The fact is, whether your weight loss goal is as small as the “last 5 pounds” or as

Eat Right To Beat Right – 15 Heart Healthy Foods

The perfect heart-healthy diet addresses heart disease in all its forms. Risk factors that affect the heart are numerous, including hypertension, inflammation, and high levels of cholesterol. Cutting down on saturated fat may help lower cholesterol levels but this does not address all the other conditions that are heart-unfriendly because you miss out on other

Muscle Advance Weight Gainer – Healthy Way Of Gaining Lean Weight

Don’t be disappointed if you are normally thin and have been struggling to gain weight but were not successful. But if you are thin, how do you add some pounds? Gaining a lean weight requires more than just weight lifting. A diet rich in protein is as important as the number of hours spent in