Anxiety 101

Every one of us experiences anxiety. Anxiety affects your physical actions. Biting your nails, sweating or unnecessary movements during job interviews, stage performances, or first time experiences is a sign of anxiety. Nervousness is typical to people but sometimes severe anxiety can develop to disorders. Psychologists refer some of these disorders as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,

Living A Healthy Lifestyle Post-Hysterectomy

These days, the level of stress and pollution in our midst necessitates living a healthy lifestyle just to keep up, what more if you just had a major surgery like hysterectomy. Post-hysterectomy, health concerns such as weight gain, irritability and not being able to sleep well might suddenly become an issue. Fortunately, a regular regimen

10 Relaxation Tips To De-stress And Get Bliss

A hectic lifestyle is the only kind of lifestyle most women have nowadays.  On any given day, you try to juggle 10 different tasks just to keep up with the items on your to-do list.  You need to drive the kids to school, help your husband find his tie, talk to your boss on the

Mantras To Ease Stress Level

Mantras or Mantrams are mystical words, phrases or syllables with spiritual meanings that may help reduce a person’s stress level during meditation. It is believed to help people cope with wide range of problems including anxiety, stress from road traffic and work, insomnia and unwanted thoughts. Just like a pause button of some sort for

Exercise Your Power Of Thought

Most people choose to take some form of exercise these days and not only for the good of their health. Exercise sharpens our brains, it makes us far more alert and ‘switched on’. Exercise helps us to give a better performance altogether. Exercise is a way of naturally lifting our spirits, rather than popping a

Impact of Excessive Worrying on Physical Health

There are some who worry a lot. Perhaps the reason for their excessive worrying is in the notion they carry, that if they worry enough, they can prevent ominous things from becoming a reality. The process of worrying goes on in their sub-conscious state of mind. However, if it stretches beyond a certain point, worrying

Home Spa Treatments

Stretch And Breathe Stretching is one of the best ways of relieving tension in your muscles which interferes with the flow of blood and lymph and can play a key role in the build-up of cellulite. Breathing draws oxygen deep into the lungs so it can nourish every cell in the body. Start your own

The Importance Of Having Quality Time For Yourself

In the ever increasing busy and hectic days of modern lives, we find ourselves playing multiple roles in the society – parent, child, sibling, spouse, worker, friend, and enemy. Our lives are in a state of permanent emergency and everyday we are being chased round the clock. In an attempt to beat the hustle, we

Tighten Facial And Neck Muscles With Facial Yoga

Think there’s nothing you can do to reverse the effects of gravity on your face? Well, think again because these yoga poses are specifically for tightening up your facial and neck muscles. Find a comfortable seated position on the floor and sit with your back straight. Do each pose 5 times. Bonus: Do them in

7 Steps To Emotional Detoxification

Most of us have stored up negative and toxic feelings that bog us down with sluggishness, depression and lethargy that we turn to quick fixes for immediate remedy to transform our conditions. Whether related to work, success in relationships, weight management or even success in our career, our approach to these quick fixes will almost

Stress Busting Home Spa Plan

When the weekend approaches, instead of collapsing in front of the television on Friday evening, shake off the week’s stress by making your own spa plan to leave you refreshed, revitalized and ready to make the most of the weekend. You will need: sea salt sweet almond oil pure essential oils of sandalwood, rose, lavender,