What ADHD Diet Can Do For You


ADHD diet was created in the view that certain food and ingredients may aggravate ADHD symptoms; the diet eliminates such substances and promotes others.

8 Simple Nutrition Rules You Should Stick To

nutrient dense foods

A lot has been said about what you should eat and reasons for doing so but you can whittle them down to eight.

Skinny Kate Middleton – Icon Of Brideorexia

Skinny Kate Middleton Diet

In the run-up to her historic April 29 wedding to Prince William, Kate Middleton dramatically lost weight, unwittingly reinforced “brideorexia” in the minds of brides-to-be the world over.

Diet Plans 101 – Part 2


Presented here is Part 2 of the Diet Plans 101 series.

Celebrities Who Lost and Gained Weight Over The Years

Take a look at some of the most meteoric morphing successes and failures in show-business!

How To Lose Weight Effectively With Phen375

Lose weight with Phen375

Explanation on how to lose unwanted fat effectively with Phen375.

Diet Plans 101 – Part 1

It is human to desire an ideal weight. For this reason, people blindly welcome diet fads with arms wide open. They would just as soon drop these diets because they tend to become repetitive. It’s human nature too. Concerns over the boringness of diets have led many people to create new ones through the years.

How To Keep Track Of Your Calorie Intake

Calorie Counting

Basic health science, and basic common sense, teaches us that to lose weight, we have to burn more calories than we consume.

Top 5 Negative Calorie Foods – Eat More To Lose More Weight

Negative Calorie Food

Negative calorie foods are foods which use more calories to digest than the calories food actually contains.

Making Healthy Eating Choices When Dining Out

Dining Out Healthy Choice

25% of Americans eating at restaurants make poor and disastrous dieting choices although the menus have loads of healthy choices.

FibreTrim – Better Than Zotrim At Reducing Hunger And Calorie Intake?

FibreTrim Reduces Hunger And Cut Calorie Intake

Fibretrim is a high fibre fruit drink that contains Yerba Mate, Guarana and Damiana extract – ingredients found in Zotrim, but with one addition, Inulin.