10 Loving Ways to Health

Your blood pressure remains at a low level, you can combat colds more effectively and manage stress more successfully – these are just a few of the things love can give you; things that a healthy lifestyle will definitely require. Your health can benefit from love as well as good relationships with other people because

How To Avoid Comfort Eating And Beat Food Cravings

A sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary habits are only partly to blame for the fight against flab. Often the reasons for weight gain are more complex. Many people have underlying psychological and physiological factors that make them the size they are, in which case, exercise and trying to persevere with a low-fat diet are not

Ways Pets Can Lead A Healthy Life

What keeps anxiety and depression away, lowers blood pressure, boosts immunity, and even improves your social life? Research through nearly twenty-five years has shown that for all these, all you’ll need is a loving tail-wagging or maybe softly purring animal. Allergy Busters and Immuno-Boosters In the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, James E. Gern,

Home Spa Treatments

Stretch And Breathe Stretching is one of the best ways of relieving tension in your muscles which interferes with the flow of blood and lymph and can play a key role in the build-up of cellulite. Breathing draws oxygen deep into the lungs so it can nourish every cell in the body. Start your own

Recreating The Effects Of A Health Spa At Home

What Stress Does To You Modern lifestyles can play havoc with our health and good looks. Few things undermine our sense of well being more than too much stress. Feeling rushed and frazzled most of the time slowly depletes our energy reserves so we are tired even before the day has begun. Relying on cups

Beat PMS And Period Pain The Natural Way

It is estimated that 75 per cent of women of menstruating age suffer from premenstrual syndrome at some time. Others may endure at least some of the unpleasant symptoms. It’s tempting to think that periods and pain form some sort of natural alliance, but some nutritionists and alternative therapists believe it was never meant to

Simple Stretches To Keep Common Headaches At Bay

The first step in preventing or treating a headache is to identify the cause. The most common headache tend to fall into four major categories: cluster headache, tension headache, migraine and chronic daily headache. Cluster Headache Sometimes known as ‘the demon of headaches’, cluster headache strikes with little warning, often waking up the sufferer in

The Importance Of Having Quality Time For Yourself

In the ever increasing busy and hectic days of modern lives, we find ourselves playing multiple roles in the society – parent, child, sibling, spouse, worker, friend, and enemy. Our lives are in a state of permanent emergency and everyday we are being chased round the clock. In an attempt to beat the hustle, we

Hot Flushes – Turn Down The Heat!

Hot flush is a sudden wave of mild or intense body heat caused by changes in the hormones. Estrogen level plunge and give rise to a whole host of problems. It is the most frequent symptom of menopause and perimenopause (the transitional stage before the complete cessation of the menstrual period). It can also affect

Top 5 Ingredients In Foods That Make You Go Blue

Many people do not realize that their moods and emotional health can be drastically affected by the food they eat. The brain chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine, are very sensitive and can easily be affected by other foreign chemicals that enter our bloodstreams. Here are the five hidden chemicals that may be

7 Steps To Emotional Detoxification

Most of us have stored up negative and toxic feelings that bog us down with sluggishness, depression and lethargy that we turn to quick fixes for immediate remedy to transform our conditions. Whether related to work, success in relationships, weight management or even success in our career, our approach to these quick fixes will almost