Keeping Out Of Back To School Sickness

Kids with dirty hands and germs

Follow these tips if you want yourself and your kids to start the new academic year without a runny nose or an itch in the throat.

Celebrities With Postpartum Depression


Fame and fortune has not exempted mothers from postpartum depression. Here is a list of celebrities who experienced depression after siring their bundles of joy.

Indirect Causes Of Weight Gain

Worry Of Weight Gain

Besides food consumption, other factors like drugs and health condition could contribute to your weight gain without you noticing it.

Relax And Indulge The Healthy Way

The long, busy week is over, so what is left to do? For those feeling stressed out from the entire month’s workload, consider giving yourself a healthy treat. Here are some of the affordable ways to delight yourself while boosting your health. Sip a Cup of  Natural Tea Although coffee shops are almost everywhere, Americans

Relax, It’s Your First Pregnancy!

Are you excited to have your first baby? As a mother, you’re responsible for preparing yourself and the baby’s need for birth. Being pregnant is stressful to the mother. You become moody and irritated. You fear about giving birth. You ask so many questions to your doctor, family, and friends about pregnancy. Physical changes occur

Shyness – Tips To Boost Confidence

Are you a timid type of person? Are you afraid to show the world your talent and abilities? Don’t be! Break out of from your shell and show everyone the best assets you have. Being shy is not a mental disorder but a personality problem. A shy person is scared of social events and meeting

Anxiety 101

Every one of us experiences anxiety. Anxiety affects your physical actions. Biting your nails, sweating or unnecessary movements during job interviews, stage performances, or first time experiences is a sign of anxiety. Nervousness is typical to people but sometimes severe anxiety can develop to disorders. Psychologists refer some of these disorders as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,

Depression 101

A loss of a loved one or a broken relationship can lead to emotional instability. You will feel sad and troubled for a few days. But days can sometimes turn to months. If your sorrow continues for a year and still you haven’t adapted to the situation, then you must be suffering from depression. Depression

The Advantage of Rehabilitation Centers In Treating Addiction

News often report famous celebrities and politicians going to rehab because of alcohol and drug abuse. They are confined in a special rehabilitation center exclusive with first class treatment including a spa. Being confined in the rehab for a month is very expensive because of insurance. Success of treatment in rehab centers depend on the

The Great Escape – Ways To Have A Stress Free Vacation

Are you planning for a vacation? Then be prepared and leave your worries before you take a flight. Who wouldn’t want a perfect getaway? So before you pack your bags, prepare yourself. Here are some of the problems encountered when having a vacation. Wanted: Vehicles for Transportation What would you prefer, a car, truck, bus,

Employees – Alert For Vacation!

Are you workers who are deprived from taking a vacation? Are you a workaholic? You might want to jump off a cliff working all year! A survey showed that 23% of the Americans have the tendency to check work- related emails and phone calls during vacations. Some doesn’t even feel the need of having a