10 Side Effects of Drinking Soda


The following are 10 of side effects that might make you and your kids think twice before drinking soda.

Fish And Omega 3

Almost every other health article nowadays is raving about the wonders of omega 3 fatty acids. You may not know exactly what DHA or EPA stands for but you know the numerous health benefits they provide. It is widely known that you can get your omega 3 fatty acids from a wide variety of food

Eat Right To Beat Right – 15 Heart Healthy Foods

The perfect heart-healthy diet addresses heart disease in all its forms. Risk factors that affect the heart are numerous, including hypertension, inflammation, and high levels of cholesterol. Cutting down on saturated fat may help lower cholesterol levels but this does not address all the other conditions that are heart-unfriendly because you miss out on other

Getting The Best Out Of Omega 3 Supplements

Getting your omega 3s from supplements needs very careful consideration; you need to figure out if you really need it, what type of supplement you should take if you do, and what the risks are. Do you need more? Given the typical diet of an average person, almost anyone can only benefit from adding more

Women, Don’t Lie About Your Health To The Doctor

Everybody lies. Whether it’s a white lie, a lie by omission, or a lie by exaggeration, women lie for different reasons.  We tell lies to our mothers, our partners, our friends.  But the one person we should not ever lie to is our doctor.  Even the smallest fib or the most innocent half-truth can have

Omega 3 Fatty Acid As Functional Food

Almost any food nowadays can be fortified with omega 3 fatty acids.  It has become a big business around the world and one of the more lasting health crazes that has cropped up over the past years. One of the many reasons why so many health professionals have been raving about the wonders of omega

Do You Need Omega 3 Fatty Acids?

We have all heard or read about the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids but we don’t pay attention enough to care if we have enough of it in our diets.  Because almost everyone has a diet that is deficient in omega 3, the health benefits are mostly the result of adding back into

Essential Facts About Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial to our health in many ways.  Studies have shown that conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, depression, heart disease, and high cholesterol levels, among many others, benefit from the intake of omega 3s.  Here are the omega 3 basics you need to know. Essential Facts About Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3

7 Nutrients That May Not Be In Your Diet

We often think that what we eat is enough to keep us living a healthy lifestyle. What we don’t know is that many adults lack seven essential nutrients, from calcium to fiber. Other people may be missing even more. We often resort to supplements to remedy this, but food can actually be the best solution to this problem.

Atrial Septal Defect – A Hole In The Heart

Ever wonder why doctor have to listen to your heart every time you go for a check up? Here’s the reason – listening to the thumping of your heart can give doctors the heads-up on some problems, like an atrial septal defect. Atrial Septal Defect The heart has four chambers. The two lower chambers are

Autoimmune Disorders – When Your Body Attacks You

The term ‘autoimmune disorders’ refers to a large and varied group of illnesses that involves almost every organ in the body. These disorders are more likely to occur in women than in men, especially during child-bearing years. What Is Autoimmunity? Your immune system, which consists of different types of cells, constantly works to protect you