Public Smoking Bans In America

Ban smoking

List of American states where smoking bans are in effect statewide.

Save Your Teen From Cough Medicine Addiction And Drug Abuse

Teen Drug Abuse

Information for parents on how to determine if their teens are abusing cough medicine and the the possibility of drug abuse.

10 Side Effects of Drinking Soda


The following are 10 of side effects that might make you and your kids think twice before drinking soda.

Saying NO To Drugs

Say NO To Drugs

Parents should emphasize to their teens why they must take a firm stand against illegal drugs. For those who want to raise drug-free teen, here’s the guidelines on doing so.

DXM Abuse Among Teens – Deadly Syrup

DMX Abuse - Cough Syrup

DXM abuse has been around for quite a long time, but its prevalence is alarming, especially among teenagers.

Alcohol Abuse Among Teens

Although common among teens, drinking alcohol is harmful and improper, and can be damaging and even fatal when taken in large amount.

Indirect Causes Of Weight Gain

Worry Of Weight Gain

Besides food consumption, other factors like drugs and health condition could contribute to your weight gain without you noticing it.

Hangover Myths – The Morning After

Hangover - The Morning After

List of some of the faulty hangover beliefs that you should dismiss. It is better to look for better approach to hangover treatment than resort to these practices and false beliefs.

How To Make Your Children Resistant To Peer Pressure

Managing Your Teenage Child

Who are the kids that are most vulnerable to peer pressure? What are the types of peer pressure affecting teens and what parents can do to help them cope with it?

The Advantage of Rehabilitation Centers In Treating Addiction

News often report famous celebrities and politicians going to rehab because of alcohol and drug abuse. They are confined in a special rehabilitation center exclusive with first class treatment including a spa. Being confined in the rehab for a month is very expensive because of insurance. Success of treatment in rehab centers depend on the

How A Healthy Lifestyle Affects College Student’s Academic Performance

Students Sleeping During A Lecture

Health is a major factor that affects our performance in work or school. Lack of sleep, high alcohol intake, cigarette smoking, substance abuse, and sedentary lifestyle will prevent students from performing at their full potential.