How To Choose The Right Female Libido Booster

Boost female libido
For the first time in decades, women have received their fare share of libido-enhancing products and sexual stimulants. Today, tens upon hundreds of these commodities crowd pharmacy shelves in a market traditionally pandering to the male demographic. The market for female-oriented libido supplements has never been more thriving now.

Then again, women are not entirely strangers to supplements for enhancing sexual stamina and desires. Folk doctors and naturopaths have long fallen back on plant-based materials to treat declining libido in women, be it due to stress, diet, hormones, or emotions. What pharmaceuticals did is just to make these time-tested ingredients available in precisely calibrated formulations and uniform dosages.

For all the skepticism surrounding them, the commercialized syntheses of these natural ingredients do work. Women everywhere are snapping them up in carts and telling their friends about them. But the big “but” is that there are as many fake supplements as authentic ones inundating the market today. Counterfeit medicines are good for nothing else than exorbitant pricing.

To set apart the fakes from the real deal, learn to inform your purchasing decisions. Know how a libido booster should work and what goes into its making.

An ideal libido boosting product is a non-prescription drug, one you can acquire sans a pricey visit to the doctor. It should also have a balanced formula. It can be taken every day with no side effects or contraindications. You should be on the lookout for libido supplements formulated using high-grade components in a first-rate pharmaceutical laboratory.

You should also be seeking a supplement with ingredients for decongesting blood flow and relaxing the muscles. More than those, the ingredients should act on hormones to increase and energize your sexual reflexes. The effect on hormones should be in a way that combats the adverse effects of menopause, such as night sweats, hot flashes, and mood swings.

It may take you a degree in pharmacy to sniff out the most efficient, effective libido booster though. Provestra is exemplary in this respect. One of the most popular female libido enhancers out there, Provestra is manufactured by one of the most reputed companies in sexual health supplements.

With no side effects, Provestra supplements have a winning formula for increasing libido and making sexual appetite more voracious. For one, it contains the mythical but very much real herb called maca, used by South American natives for centuries to increase libido. It also has a powerful and tested sexual stimulant and aphrodisiac in damiana leaf.

Other Provestra ingredients include red raspberry leaf, which serves to regulate vaginal contractions and compel pregnancy; black cohosh root to compel uterine contractions and balance hormones; bayberry fruit to increase capillary dilation in the vagina’s mucus membranes for added lubrication; red clover to clean blood; cayenne pepper to stabilize blood flow and fortify the heart; licorice root to strengthen and tone the adrenal glands, enhancing hormone function; valerian root to relieve stress, fatigue and tension as well as alleviate menstrual cramps; and ginger root to enhance the functions of all these ingredients.

You might say these ingredients are available separately in leading health food shops and herbal-product pharmacies. But taking a synthesized formulation of all these is much better than ingesting a veritable cocktail of drugs. With just one libido-boosting tablet, you do not have to measure, estimate, and mix a dizzying myriad of pills and syrups.

Just a couple of weeks after taking Provestra, women almost invariably attest to its fast turnaround. Sex life becomes more pleasurable thereafter. Due to their effectiveness, natural libido enhancing supplements like Provestra are every woman’s solution to a dwindling sexual stamina.

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