Too Tired, Or Just Not Into It?

Low female libido - too tired for sex
Men have solutions on hand to their sexual concerns, such as erectile dysfunction and diminishing libido. Unknown to, or rather unacknowledged by many, women have pretty much the same concerns. In degrees more than men in fact, women are very prone to sexual dysfunction and low libido. Several researches and polls have corroborated these assertions.

What causes low female libido?

Determining the different causes of a dropping female libido is important to arrest its further descent. One condition best-known to drag the libido down is pregnancy.

Expectant mothers’ hormones undergo many changes, with palpable effects on their emotional and physical configuration. As a result, pregnant women develop a new attitude toward sex, at least for the short term. Also, they tend not to desire sex as they perceive it to be dangerous to the baby. Besides, their distended tummies hinder mobility necessary for sexual intercourse.

Age, specifically the years during and after menopause, is also another detriment to sex drive. During these years, the ovaries may cease manufacturing estrogen, which controls vaginal lubrication, among other functions. The vagina becomes dry as a result, making coitus unbearable. The lack of estrogen itself may cause women to lose interest in sex.

Ailments and illnesses also eat away at women’s sexual appetite. Even the most trifling conditions such as colds can hamper sexual desire. As for the grave ones like cancer, diabetes, and arthritis, they can hold back vaginal lubrication, mobility and hormone balance: three of the requisites for smooth-sailing sex.

There is also the subject of emotions. The more unstable they are, the deeper the descent of one’s libido. If a woman is depressed or have a low esteem of herself, she risks pulling her sexual desires down. For example, if she finds herself ugly or awful in bed, she may slowly become averse to having sex. Thankfully, such states of mind can be temporary, merely caused by periods or mood swings. But a traumatizing event in the past, like rape, may permanently destroy a woman’s appetite for sex. She could see sex thereafter as something fearsome, something to be shunned at all costs.

Engrossment with work life, domestic chores, or socializing may also be a formidable obstruction to sex. They require so much time and energy, placing sexual activity on the line. When a woman juggles these three, sex almost always sinks to the bottom of her priorities.

Should a woman’s sex drive wears down, her sexual relationship/s often take the brunt. Otherwise, the relationship itself can erode her sex drive. If a couple is put off by each other’s sexual prowess, for example, they would be inclined not to look forward to the next sexual activity. Then again, sexual performance is not the only front on which a relationship can cause libidos to dip. There are non-sexual matters to take into account, i.e. disagreements which may lead parties to abandon sexy time.

Whatever the reasons for her ebbing libido, when a woman is faced with incontrovertible evidence of it, she may beat herself up. She may trip on guilt for not being “woman enough.”

Help for low female libido

Women should seek professional advice from a doctor or sex therapist to settle issues inhibiting their libido. The latter is especially helpful in providing strategies for sexual responsiveness. Meanwhile the former is able to diagnose underlying causes of a low libido, anything from nutritional deficiencies to mental conditions to hormonal fluctuations.

External help works side by side with self-introspection and the corresponding lifestyle changes. For instance, upon discovering how tangled their lines of communication are, a couple may decide to change for a better sex life. Or realizing how sedentary her life is, a woman may commit to exercise, which eases blood flow through the vagina and stimulates sexual urges.

And then there are natural supplements for increasing libido in women. If men have Viagra, women have Provestra, designed to improve sexual appetite, enhance fertility, and even induce multiple orgasms. Provestra’s brand of female libido boosters are very potent, to say nothing of safe. Any woman who uses it is sure to enjoy a better sex life hereon.

Low libido is only inevitable if permitted. Treated without delay and efficiently, it can be mitigated. Women should take it upon themselves to know the reasons behind reduced libido and choose the appropriate approach. She is answerable only to herself in deriving fulfillment from sex at any age and in any circumstance.

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8 Responses

  1. dcngo1 says:

    as many men as possible should read this! i just want to say to our loving partners, the lack of libido is sometimes just beyond our control. be patient and loving, and you will be rewarded, LOL! women tend to start slow, but once we get going… RAWR!

  2. arnswank says:

    I am happy that my wife showed this article. She mean a lot to me and we want to work things out. Thanks for sharing this, we now know what to do.

  3. arghumprey says:

    Men sometimes think the reason why we don’t want to do it because we are seeing someone new. They don’t want to accept that it is something else out of our control. This post should be spread out so people will understand more.

  4. jonasb says:

    From my experiences, men should start the real thing and women will follow. It’s not all the time that women wants to start the play. They too needs to be played and just waiting for you. Once it started, she can never resist it.

  5. jonasb says:

    But, tired is always been an excuse, well we should respect it whether it’s true or not. It;s not every night that women want to have sex with their partners. that’s he truth, even men experiences those things. Better agree on me…

  6. yushi1905 says:

    I think communication is the best way to overcome anything related to sex. After all it takes two to make it happens so stop being selfish and tend the problem together.

  7. pasta says:

    Although I do agree that it takes two to make it happens but sometimes health is a problem we can’t control.

  8. jessicasethman says:

    Maybe it’s about skills. Women need at least 15 minutes of foreplay to enjoy the sex making for real. While men need to just let it go as soon as possible. By thinking that is too much to do is just selfish of the men side.

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