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SitterCityYou should not have to unwittingly entrust your child to a homicidal maniac.

SitterCity makes it all easy for you to find the most trustworthy nanny or babysitter for your toddlers and bundles of joy.

Since 2001, SitterCity has grown to give you a choice of more than 2 million caregivers – indeed the population of an entire city.

You would want to ascertain you are delegating your authority to the right person out of these thousands. Your child is at stake after all.

Hiring the right sitter via SitterCity

Here’s a step-by-step walk through to hiring the right sitter via SitterCity:

1. Post your job

SitterCity has a searchable database of caregivers for your perusal. Better yet, it lets the sitters and nannies themselves contact you. Posting a job ad on SitterCity is the easiest way to find someone who can take care of your children. It is also the safest way, because applicants must conform to the SitterCity Pledge before answering your want ad. You can be sure then that only the most enthusiastic, professional sitters or nannies contend for your job.

2. Choose your top 10 candidates

Especially if your offer is lucrative, there could be countless individuals angling for the job. To make your hunt more expedient, choose the top 10 sitters that best fit the qualifications you have set using SitterCity’s criteria. For good measure, take time to view the applicants’ SitterCity profiles, where you can easily see their employment credentials, certifications and so forth.

3. Screen, screen, screen

Face it: You don’t have time in your hands to sit down with all 10 sitters. One of the best things about SitterCity is that you have adequate screening tools to sift candidates for interviewing to a manageable few. Here’s how to screen sitters or nannies through SitterCity:

  • Checking reviews of sitters. To begin screening your top 10 applicants, read reviews other parents have placed on their profiles. They would greatly inform your final decision.
  • Reviewing sitters’ background checks. Your prospective sitters’ profiles may have a current background check. If your candidate hasn’t gone through a background check, you can perform one on them using LexisNexis, a Sittercity partner. Your peace of mind with LexisNexis starts at just $9.99.
  • Interviewing applicants personally. SitterCity has an interview template with questions you can use on your prospective caregivers. Ask the most definitive of these questions, those which you reckon most capable of shaping your decision. Also, you don’t have to go stag when interviewing an applicant; you may include her potential wards. Take them away from their Xboxes and observe how they interact with the applicant. If the applicant can’t handle your child with you present, chances are he/she cannot handle them when you aren’t.
  • Checking references. You may have top three candidates in mind by now. This is your cue to check every one’s references. Every Sittercity-registered caregiver is required to disclose a reference on her profile. Contact that reference by phone or email and query them about the candidate.

Find your perfect nanny and sitter now!

Advantage of seeking sitters through SitterCity

BabysitterSitterCity prizes your safety most of all. It equips you with the most complete range of tools to single out the perfect person to mind your children.

SitterCity employs a unique, state-of-the-art matchmaking technology, which lets you find your ideal sitter fast. With it, you can simply wait for competent nannies and sitters to come to you. Or search for them yourself by taking advantage of more than a hundred matchmaking criteria.

In the end, SitterCity knows you are the ultimate arbiter of your children’s safety and well being. SitterCity helps you frame your hiring decision better by giving you information otherwise closed to you. Each caregiver profile comes complete with a biography; photos; list of special skills; parent reviews; employer references; and, most importantly, results of an exhaustive background check.

sitter Sittercity Nanny Search Enter your zipcode to find a nanny in your area:

Pass on your love and care for your children to the perfect sitter.

Visit SitterCity now, the metropolis of trusted caregivers!

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  1. PatriciaHauer says:

    Sittercity also offers other types of sitters such as pet, nannies and caregivers.

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    Wow, it sounds interesting to find sitter from SitterCity. I am interested in hiring the sitter from this. I’ll use the tips above and hopefully, I can get the best sitter for my kids.

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