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Every year, almost 41,000 poor souls flunk the examinations for becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). You don’t have to be one of them. Scratch that; you cannot afford to be one of them. Especially if you’re time-and-cash-strapped, taking the CPA exam for the umpteenth time simply won’t do.

CPA exams are characteristically difficult. Cracking the top 75 is difficult enough. Ordinarily, you need to go through a patch of thorns to get to that magic list.

There is a better way…

Introducing the Yaeger CPA Review!

Yaeger CPA Review

When Dr. Phil Yaeger, CPA took the exam in 1974, he did not have a lot of options in the way of preparation. He did not exactly have the best experience in reviewing for the exam.

It was then that Phil began seeking better review materials. These he used to set up his own CPA review course in the District of Columbia. In 1977, he founded his eponymous review center – Yaeger CPA Review!

Over the years, Yaeger CPA Review has expanded to include home-study courses, aside from those in the classroom. In effect, the center has made itself more accessible to busy professionals, who have no time to sit in classes.

But the philosophy remained intact: Yaeger CPA Review not only teaches reviewers what to do and how to do but also why you’re doing it. This is the “Y” at Yaeger. The specialists here do not believe in merely regurgitating and memorizing antiquated questionnaires without comprehending the concepts used to answer them. The emphasis is on deducing concepts, not blind memorizing.

Yaeger instructors explicate every concept via video lecture. Then they positively reinforce your comprehension by putting you through multiple-choice tests and other simulations. All lectures are shot in a studio, with no student interruption whatsoever. Result: The course materials are covered more efficiently than in a classroom setup. This method would fast-track you to acing the CPA Exam.

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Yaeger CPA Review – A Class Apart

You have countless alternatives for CPA review courses. Yet a good number of them beat around the bush, squandering hours that could have been spent on topics that would surely come out in the exam. Others concentrate too much on streamlining their advertisement/marketing, instead of pumping money into their curriculum and hiring the best instructors.

Yaeger is a class apart. This review center is family-run and face-front. In other words, it banks on your success—for your success is also the Yaegers’. They genuinely want you to excel.

Other review courses could not care less. Yaeger CPA Review adds a personal touch to their services. They are very committed to each reviewer’s success. For one, Yaeger facilitates direct communication between you and your instructors via phone and mail. There is virtually a 1:1 student-instructor ratio at Yaeger. Truth be told, you can even contact Phil himself, any time.

Try emailing or phoning the bigwigs from other big-ticket courses. See if you could get their secretaries to respond. Granted, you may get a call center agent on the line. At Yaeger, you get to talk to a professional educator, not just a call center. The difference is truly a gulf.

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Comparing Yaeger CPA Review With Becker And Roger

Yaeger CPA Review kills the competition on all fronts. There simply is no more updated, effective course for light years around, one that is coupled with peerless, personalized service.

Becker CPA Review
Roger CPA Review
Cost $3095.00 $2095.00 $1787.00
132 hours of instructor lead video lectures
Course availability on DVDs and USBs
34+ years of teaching CPA reviews
Updated and re-filmed every year
Direct phone access via instructor hotline
Unlimited use, no reactivation required

Yaeger Home Study is a complete CPA review course. It has 132 hours of instructor-led video lectures, longer by far than a typical classroom-based course. Better yet, you make your call when to study and where.

Course materials are delivered via DVDs, USB drive, or online. In any case, you can be sure each video is re-shot annually, so you have the most current material available.

With every course material, you are taking advantage of Yaeger CPA Review’s more than 34 years of experience in training CPAs. Such teaching experience places Yaeger in a unique, unmatched position. Every instructor can strike the balance between lecturing to inculcate a concept and working mcq and sims along with you. Having understood the concept, the student can apply it any time to answer a multitude of questions.

Not only would you pass the CPA exam this way; you would also become a very effective CPA for life.

And get this…

Yaeger CPA Review has an 88 percent passing rate!

Just take a look at the testimonials of the many CPAs it has produced.

Yaeger CPA Review ensures no concept is left misunderstood by equipping you with a direct phone access to your instructor. Should you form a query while studying, just dial a special hotline and talk to the instructor directly. Not a call center agent but a real, life educator. Yaeger’s specialists are all on standby to help you move forward with your professional ambitions.

Yaeger’s highest-quality courses are available at reasonable prices. Nothing is more important to Yaeger CPA Review than the success of students like you.

Pass the CPA exam with flying colors by enrolling in Yaeger CPA Review. See the difference for yourself!

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